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I know it’s been a minute… But it is here…

A while back, I opened up my social media space to take questions about sex and relationships that you needed answers to. Well, since then, I’ve teamed up with the one and only Glamazon Tyomi… You might have seen her on YouTube, WE TV or even right here on….

She is amazing at what she does, and she’s bringing her knowledge right here to you guys… I’ll be chiming in here and there as well…

So check it out…

QUESTION: If you are a loyal person to the fault, how do you let someone go that you know isn't good for  you?

Tyomi: The main question you have to ask yourself is, "what am I loyal to?" We speak about being loyal as if it is an endearing trait, but in actuality, loyalty means being unmoved or unchanged in your dedication to something. And as humans, what you can expect is that you will change your mind.  Your loyalty should be to your happiness and authenticity first, and if you think that being loyal to someone and "holding them down" in spite of your own happiness is endearing, you're lying to yourself and being disloyal to yourself.  Place your loyalty in your inheritance as a loving light being, which is to receive nothing but joy and happiness.  If the relationship that you are currently in is not serving your peace, get rid of it.  There are far too many amazing people in this world who will love you as you are and help you live out your best, happiest life for you to be hung up on someone who isn't adding to your life. And you're doing it to yourself.  No one is keeping you in this relationship but yourself. And you're hurting yourself all for the sake of "loyalty." Stop being loyal to compromises, and start being uncompromising in receiving all the good and perfect gifts life wants to bring your way. Stop wasting time, and stop hurting yourself all for the sake of saying you're "loyal". 

QUESTION: I have had horrible luck in the dating department since my last relationship. Every time I give someone a chance they prove me wrong. How can I get to know someone on a deeper level and still be able to protect myself? 

Tyomi: Sounds like you're holding on to some heavy expectations that have led you to feel disappointed. My first piece of advice to you is to drop your expectations.  When going into a new relationship, the best thing to do in order to get to know someone on a deeper level is to allow the getting to know you phase to be natural.  There is nothing wrong with asking questions to help someone open up more about themselves. And it's a completely different thing when you run off a bunch of questions from a predetermined list of qualities you're looking for.  If you're already going into a new relationship guarded, it's because you're holding on to your past experiences and projecting those negative thoughts into your new situations.  IF you're going on dates with people who you feel you can not trust enough to open yourself up to, then you shouldn't be going on dates with them.  This entire process really is all about you and your healing.  No one is going to open up to you more deeply if you are guarded.  You receive what you put out, and your partners/dates are mirrors of you reflecting back to you where you are in your life journey.  So if every person you give a chance to proves you wrong, it's not them sis, it's you. Work on healing the painful experiences of the past (taking responsibility and seeing all things with love) and treat every person and situation that comes to you in the present as a new opportunity to try something different than the last time. Change your mindset and your perception will change.  But this all really begins with you. You're guarded because you've been hurt, and that's normal. Now, come from out of the hurt energy and into love energy so you can have the loving, fun, happy experiences you want to have when dating. 

QUESTION: How can I reach the greatest climax?

Tyomi: This question is very broad because a climax is simply a release, and female bodies can have over 15 different orgasms that we know of so far.  The best way to have a deep, satisfying climax is to be completely connected and present with yourself.  You have to be able to be aware of what your body is doing at all times.  You must observe how your body responds to the stimulation you're using to pleasure yourself.  Relax into the feeling of pleasure being delivered to you whether you're doing for yourself or you are with a partner.  Breathing deeply and slowly helps you to relax into pleasure as well as to innervate the pelvic region. Wherever attention goes, energy flows so if you are consciously sending your breaths down into your pelvis to send energy there, then you're going to create more sensitivity within your pelvis.  Bottom line: if you want to have a great climax, you need to be relaxed and present within the moment and allow your sexual energy to flow.  If you need assistance with learning how to breathe and relax into pleasure, I would suggest working with me in one of my many online workshop for women. 

QUESTION: I was 120 pounds 6 months go, now i'm like 180 pounds. I feel very insecure and heavy. I've always been a confident person, but this year I lost my confidence. I don't even want to have sex because of my insecurities about my weight. What can I do?

Tyomi: Lose Weight. There is no way around this. Gaining 60 pounds is a lot of weight, and it can take a toll on your stamina and self esteem. The only way to change this is to remain committed to a fitness routine and a style of eating that will maintain a healthy weight for you and give your body what it needs to continue to burn fat.  Before even signing up for a trainer or looking into diets, you need to determine what is the cause of your 60 pound weight gain. Depression, mental illness, change in jobs and relationships, child birth, change in location etc. can all have an effect on our weight.  Once you determine the cause of your weight gain,  you can then work on changing your lifestyle. You are the owner and the operator of your body. Your body does not run you.  You need to train it and put fuel into it that will help you live your happiest, healthiest life.  If you need assistance with knowing what to change in your life, seek out help from a life coach. And when you're ready to get moving to lose the weight, work with a nutritionist and trainer to help get you right.  You will need great motivation and discipline in order to see the changes you seek. You're going to have to be dedicated and committed to getting back to a size that is comfortable for you. Place your focus on being healthy over being sexy. When you feel at your best health wise, you will feel sexy again. I've been in the exact place where you are, and I'm speaking from experience. Nothing else for me to say mama besides GET TO WORK! If you don't have the motivation to work, then the only thing you can do is learn how to embrace your new size and gain confidence through practice. 

We hope that answered all of your questions… Stay tuned to my social media post @TheRealTahiry, I’ll be opening it up for questions again next week…

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