Figuring This Out

This won’t be long, but I just wanted to check in with you guys and give you an update on life, my site, etc.

So, if you can’t tell, is still finding its voice. I’m trying to figure out content that is authentic to me, but that you all as my audience can relate to and enjoy. Of course I look at the analytics and then compare them to my social media posts, etc., and I try to figure out what you all want to hear about and see from me. It’s not as easy as you might think it is. It’s not that easy because I truly care. I want to provide real content that will not only entertain you, but benefit you in some type of way.

We are bombarded with so much garbage! Negative energy and negative news and negative content! I don’t want to add to that. Instead, I want to upbuild and inspire. I want people to know anything is possible, I want people to learn about different careers and things and know that whatever you want to do, you can do it, and make money! I want to help the entrepreneur, the career woman and the stay at home mom too. I also want to help women feel sexy and confident, I want to help them find a look that looks good on them and is true to them. I just want to add, encourage and inspire with my content. But I still want to entertain too!

So I’m just figuring my way out around that entertainment. I’m going to try a few things within the upcoming months, and just see what you guys like… I’m going to start some new segments and create some content with some amazing people that I hope will add to your lives, but I need your help. I need to know what you want to read about, what you want to see. So don’t be afraid to comment until my IG post and say, ‘I loved that article’, or even ‘that was stupid and wasn’t beneficial’ LOL. But seriously, I want to know…

I want this to be a haven for women. I want to create something amazing… So let’s do it together…

I’m going to introduce some new series/content as I mentioned before… This week, I’m going to focus on something I’m calling, ‘Working Women Wednesday’, where I will feature a female that is out here doing her THING!!! That we can learn from and take something away from their interview.

So get ready folks! And don’t forget, I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!

Hope you’re enjoying the content and just know I have so much more to come… Bare with me!

Tahiry Jose