Working Women Wednesday: Hadiatu Dumbuya, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Author

Some people are just different. They’re willing to take the path least traveled. For some this totally works, but for others, well, you know…

We all know that one person that is always full of life, willing to take chances and that their lives truly reflect the belief of anything is possible. That is how you can describe former Publicist to athletes, Hadiatu Dumbuya. Hadiatu has a very interesting story. For many years, she spent so much time building up her successful PR and Marketing company and her hard work paid off. Hadiatu could be seen working alongside some of the biggest athletes and successful business owners. When she wasn’t working hard, she also dedicated time to mentor and help others that wished to follow in her footsteps.

However, life took a turn, when Hadiatu was faced with the decision to become a kidney donor. It was a no brainer for her, but it meant that she would be forced to take off time from work, something she had never had to do before. Shortly before the surgery, Hadiatu was then presented with a business idea that would forever change her life. Without the support of her family and friends and in face of ridicule and dismay from some, Hadiatu decided to try out the world of networking, on an entirely different level than she ever had before…

Fast-forward to now and you will see Hadiatu is making a living, living! Scrolling through her Instagram you can see her traveling the world and enjoying life in destinations that are only a dream for some.

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We had the privilege of sitting down and talking to this boss babe and it was a no brainer for us that she had to be a part of Working Women Wednesday… Check out the interview below.

Tahiry: Hadiatu thanks for taking time out of your day to chat with us all the way from Egypt. How would you describe the road you took to become a boss?

Hadiatu: My parents raised us all as competitors through sports and I used that same mentality through life. My road to become a boss started as I was in the womb. My mother told me that I was itching to get out hence why I was 3 weeks early. From that day I'm sure I knew that I wasn't supposed to be in confined walls. I played collegiate soccer and ended up in a sports career which was completely male dominated. The industry taught me to stand firm because otherwise I would get walked over. As I left corporate America (NFL) everyone told me that it was crazy but again I knew those walls couldn't hold me. I moved to a city where I knew very few to spread my wings and here in Detroit I mad e name for myself. I found a way to leave the confines of being solely in sports to being a serial entrepreneur. My latest endeavor with travel has been the toughest road with the most opposition. Only one of my friends out of all the friends I had supported supported me. My family paid no attention to it. But I knew that with opposition comes victory to those that preserver. I believe I was destined to shake things up and to be a leader and I just embraced that through life. 

If I had to give one word for my road I would call it Perseverance Ave. 

Tahiry: You describe yourself as a change agent in your interviews and on social media, what is that?

Hadiatu: A change agent is a person that enables others to embrace the changes that are mandatory for success in life. It has been said that the only human being that likes change is a baby with a wet diaper. I'm on a mission to help others change their perspective on what life has to look like. My goal is to help others see the world and learn who they are in the process. 

Tahiry: How important has networking been to your success? Past and Present.

Hadiatu: Networking has been everything when it comes to my success. My first internship came from me networking without me even know that that's what I was doing. I was in college and my team was practicing at the Indianapolis Colts facility.  I was standing on the sidelines injured and I ended up speaking to a gentleman about my injury and how it was causing a problem for my internship that was required to graduate with a business degree. He looked at me and asked if I had even thought of working in sports. I replied that I hadn't and he asked for my resume so he could submit it so I could get an internship. I learned that day that closed mouths don't get fed and from that day on I always speak to anyone near me. 

Because of that thought process I met a young man 6 years ago and we exchanged information. When he sent me a message 5 years ago I actually had forgotten who it was but I believed that if he had my number it was for a reason. After we met it again confirmed everything that I believe. #rightplace #righttime

Tahiry: What are some of your career highlights you feel can inspire others?

Hadiatu: I attained a position in the sports industry in my teens through an internship which landed me a position at the NFL headquarters working with NFL Europe. During my short stint there I knew that I wanted and deserved more so I quit and moved to another unknown city, Detroit, all alone. I moved to work with an athlete and in that time I learned how to run a business through holding multiple positions within his companies. From those skills, I started my own company and continued networking to be positioned in the right place at the right time. 

5 years into my business I donated my kidney to my brother which opened doors for me to meet others in Cincinnati. I experienced much personal, financial, and spiritual growth because of the decision I made 5 years ago to save my brothers life. I started a new chapter of entrepreneurship in 2012 and it had been my best chapter yet. I'm a social entrepreneur with a travel company which enables me to travel the world, share my experiences and make a six figure income off of it. 

Tahiry: You have a book coming out called, The Last 100 Days. What can people expect when they pick it up?

Hadiatu: I wrote The Last 100 Days with my business partner Keith to inspire others to go after that next level. Whether it be a job promotion, the next level in your company, any goal you have. Just go after it! I give real life tips and secrets and share my real life experiences on how I executed the last 100 days right before attaining a huge goal in my company and career. It’s real life experience and advice that literally will help you attain any goal that you really, really want. I would even say it would help you break or start new habits that will increase your success in anything as well. If you’re trying to elevate, I would definitely consider it a must read.

Tahiry: What is a mantra you live by?

He gives you all you need you just need to be open to accept his Blessings

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Tahiry: What does making boss moves and being a working woman mean to you?

Hadiatu: Setting boss moves to me means that I continuously push myself to my limits. It means that a pace the way for other boss ladies. Making boss moves to me means that I am creating a movement for womanpreneurs that want to live a healthy life full of fun freedom and fulfillment. 

Tahiry: If you had to give advice to an up and coming ‘change agent’ in their respective field/industry/career, what would it be?

Hadiatu: Try everything and do your best at it. Most are so afraid that they miss out on the lesson God had in store for them through an opportunity. 

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