International Women's Day - My Open Letter

Dear Woman,

Today is a day where we pay respects and honor not only to women that have paved the way for us and influenced us, but ourselves. Today is such a big day for me. Why? Because it’s a day where I can be celebrated and I can celebrate others. International Women’s Day isn’t just another day. Instead, it’s a day and an opportunity to reflect and draw on opportunities to be even better. What can we not do?! Like Beyonce say’s in her hit song, ‘Run the World (Girls)’, “… Smart enough to make these millions, Strong enough to bare the children’. Like what can women not do?

Today I encourage you to reflect on the stories of women like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Harriet Tubman, Serena Williams and just sooooo many more. When you’re reflecting understand that though they may have conquered and done the out of ordinary, it should be a reminder to you that you can do. There are so many women in our past that have paved the way for us and we really need to show that we respect and appreciate their efforts. Today is also near and dear to me because it’s a day for me to reflect and also to encourage. Ladies if you don’t get anything from me, please understand that it is so important for us to build each other up. Yes, we all make mistakes, Yes, we have all done things that we aren’t necessarily proud of, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t write the story of our own destiny.

You wouldn’t believe the negative comments that I find in my comments section sometimes. And the crazy thing is that most of them are from other women. If we don’t build each other up and send positive vibes, then we can’t expect the men to. So I challenge you on this amazing day, to say something sweet, encouraging, nice or just display a nice gesture towards another woman. We need to continue to celebrate each other, despite our mistakes and remember that WE run the world! Continue to be apologetically you.

Today, I salute you.

Tahiry Jose