Energy is Transferrable So Be Careful

So I was going to write in my journal, but I decided to share these thoughts with all the ladies out there because it is women’s month and we celebrate ALL month long on Also, I think it’s super important for ladies to hear this message that I want to share. I’m super vulnerable on here and I enjoy sharing personal experiences with you all because it means so much to me when you all come up to me and tell me that one of my blogs inspired you, helped you get through something or gave you something to think about…

Today I received a text message from someone very close to me and it sounded like they were upset. The situation had nothing to do with me, but from the sound of things they felt hurt and disrespected. These two feelings are horrible and it’s nothing to brag about, but, I’ve experienced them both simultaneously as well… So I get it right… Of course I send my ‘I totally get it’, ‘been there’, ‘just push through and ignore it text’ response back… Time goes by, and this same person just FLIPS on me… Crazy right? But as I read the message, and because of the person that it came from, I started to feel some type of way and I noticed that I was getting very upset and those feelings started to dictate my action. I literally had to pause for the cause because I realized something… I allowed this persons energy to transfer to me and effect my outcome.

Folks energy is transferable and it is very important that we protect our energy, because if we don’t, who will? And we will look up and we’re all frazzled and crazy and it’s all because someone else’s energy. Energy is so real and it is not something to be played with. So of course I want to be upset with this person, I mean that’s natural. But I’m so happy that I stepped back and examined the situation for what it was and realized that the person was only taking their frustration out on me and it was my job to REPEL that energy and decide what I wanted to do… It’s easier said than done, and quite frankly, kinda confusing now that I read this back, but I hope you get the point… Sometimes when people say things to us, it’s not to be taken personally, but it’s up to you to be mature enough to remember that. The old me, would probably have cursed the person out via text or told the person where they could go, but that would of continued the crazy cycle of that crazy energy that was transferred to them that was unnoticeably ALMOST transferred to me…

We can’t control what happens to us all the time, but we can definitely control how we react to it. Be careful of the energy that you receive, the energy that you give and the energy that you keep around you. It could mean your blessing, your piece of mind and even your life!!

Maybe I should call this, #wordswithTahiry … How does that sound? :-p

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Tahiry Jose