21 Day Self Care Challenge - Day 1

Team Tahiry!!!

We killed the last challenge, so I decided that we should do another one. Last month we focused on nourishing our bodies with healthy food and helpful exercise. But this month, let’s focus on our care with the 21 Day Self Care Challenge. I know you’ve heard the whole, ‘you can’t take care of others, if you don’t take care of yourself’, and it’s soooooo TRUE. The month of February is about two things: Black History and LOVE. And I absolutely love that… But it can be a sad time for ALL if they find they don’t have a valentine or someone to take them out and give them a gift on this one day… I call BS! Never let a day define you or shape how you see your situation. Instead, focus on spreading love to yourself and caring about you. Not a selfish care, because when you do for others, you often feel better about yourself, which is great. But we need to show love and care to ourselves, before we go helping others. So this is what this challenge will be all about!! The instructions are simple. Just visit TahiryOnline.com daily, do the challenge for the day and comment on one of my pics to let me know that you’re in this with me. We’re doing it together!!

So I, Tahiry Jose, challenge YOU, to give yourself love and care this month! Follow a long daily, and see how good you’ll feel. And remember, never let a day, a person, a place, a thing, or what people think about you, define you! You’re free to define yourself!!

Now on to todays challenge!

Go to the dollar store, target or whenever you can get a sticky note pad and marker. And write the following affirmation: I AM ENOUGH.

Read the note outloud 3 times and then place it on the first mirror that you see every day. That can be your bathroom mirror, the mirror in your room, the mirror in your car. Place it somewhere that you will see it in the morning… And that’s it!!!

See you tomorrow for day 2 and feel free to post it on IG using the hashtag #Tahirys21DaySelfCareChallenge



Tahiry Jose