Accept Yourself - Self-Care Challenge COMPLETED

February is all about love. But I wanted to change the narrative of the month to being all about self-care. When you truly care about yourself and take the necessary steps to provide yourself with true care, you’ll see things fall into place. Not only will your skin glow a little brighter and your clothes fit a little loser, but you’ll feel yourself feeling a little better.

It can be rough whatever you're situation. Whether you’re 45 and unmarried, or 20 and single with some kids, we can all agree that its important to take care of yourself and your mental and accepting where you are. If you’re 45 and unmarried and want to change that, start caring a little more about yourself and you never know, that special person may walk in your life. Or lets say you’re a young single mom just struggling to keep pushing everyday and taking care of the kids… Well, you can’t take care of anyone else until you can truly take care of yourself and care for yourself… So once again, it all boils down to self-care.

I just want to let you all know it’s been fun and therapeutic doing this challenge with you all. I hope that the information you’ve read about on my site has been both insightful and encouraging and the next time that you’re feeling a little off balance that you go back to self-care and notice how things fall into place.

I have sooooo many excited things scheduled and planned for February… I just thank you all for tagging a long with me!

Tahiry Jose