Do Something

A lot of time this month on has been focused on Self Care. But I just wanted to stop in the middle of the challenge to encourage you to do something. A lot of the time, we think about, we plan, we know we should, but we don’t do. Doing is an action. The only way that you’re going to reach your goals or see your dreams come true is if you do something. You should be doing something every single day!! Is it easy coming up with content for you guys? NO. It’s not. But if I don’t get up and do, who will help me build towards my ultimate goal? Or make what I envision it to be? No one except me. So every single day I have to get up and do!! Honestly, that’s a part of Self-Care. Self Care is all about making yourself happy and caring for yourself and being there for yourself. So always remember, that at the end of the day, no one is going to build your future except for you. It takes some type of action. I have a lot of exciting things planned for you all. I know a lot of the content has been kinda serious recently, and touching on topics that aren’t as exciting. But they are definitely topics that we need to touch on, and it’s where I’ve been at right now with things… But no worries. I have a lot of exciting content coming up. I’ve been working hard over here!!!

So with that being said, drop a line in my comments section of my instagram over at @TheRealTahiry and let me know what you would like to see and read about… New, fresh content is coming soon! I want to be your #1 source for all things LIFE related! I want you all to come here and have something positive to leave with or maybe even get a tip or some encouragement that will change your life.

Tune back in tomorrow folks as we continue our SELF CARE challenge!!



Tahiry Jose