It's Here ... Valentine's Day

So the day is here… Some of you absolutely love this day, while for others, it can be kinda stressful and a reminder that you are alone… But however you look at it, you should look at it as a positive, and as a day where you are celebrated. Someone else may be celebrating you or you may be celebrating yourself…

As I’ve stated on here many times before, never let a day or a person define you. If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone, enjoy it. Be grateful that you have someone that genuinely cares about you enough spend their time with. That’s major!!!

But if you don’t necessary have a ‘Valentine’, you should spend the day with yourself or doing something for others. If the Self Care challenge didn’t teach you anything else, it should be teaching you the importance of placing yourself first in life and giving yourself care. If you can’t care for you, how in the world are you to care for anyone else? You can’t! It’s not really possible. So if you’re solo today, take yourself out! Now, I know for some of you that can be too much, you aren’t there yet, and I totally get it!! But you should definitely do something for yourself today. Cook your favorite meal and enjoy, watch your favorite movie, or maybe even just get some things done for yourself today. Make it about you! But if that won’t help you feel better, and I know for some of you, you just aren’t there yet. Go do something for someone else! Visit a nursing home and hand out treats or spend time with a loved one that lost their significant other. Doing for others that genuinely need and appreciate you being there gives you the most rewarding feeling EVER!

But regardless how you spend the day, always remember that you determine value and your worth with how you see yourself and care for yourself!

Regardless, be safe out there tonight and don’t let a temporary feeling leave you with a permanent situation.

With that being said…

Happy Valentine’s Day



Tahiry Jose