Exclusive Interview: Emily Meisner - Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer

So I have to say, I am one of those Instagram users that searches fitness enthusiasts and sometimes I can spend a long time watching different fitness motivational videos, looking at before and afters and saving workouts that I can do later (just gave you guys some tips right there…) but because of this habit, I’ve found a few trainers that are absolutely amazing and worth a follow. Maybe I’ll make a blog with a list of all of my favs at a later date… Nevertheless, I told you guys I would help you all make 2019 be the best year of your lives and be the year you ACTUALLY accomplish your goals. This brings me to Emily Meisner the creator of Body By Me and Un-Diet.

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Emily Meisner has over 10 years of experience when it comes to the fitness industry and transforms clients everyday both inside and out. Emily provides online training to training method programs and a nutrition system that I really like, ‘Un-Diet’. I had the opportunity to sit down with Emily and she dropped so many gems that I think will really help aid in getting both your body and mind right this year. Let’s get into it…

TahiryOnline: Thank you so much for joining me Emily! I know you’re super busy right now with clients and making programs, writing books and more.

Emily: No problem, I’m glad to.

TahiryOnline: So Emily tell me a little bit about yourself for the people that don’t already know.

Emily: Okay, so my name is Emily Meisner and I’m originally from Canada currently living in LA., and fitness has been my whole life. Literally from being a young child I started doing cross training track running and that kind of love I had for sports took me all the way through college and that was the pivotal point for me when I realized that I wanted others to have fitness a part of their lives beyond sports. That’s when I studied Kinesiology and that’s when I became a trainer to help people. I’ve been a trainer for over 10 years now, and it’s definitely my calling and my career and the most rewarding ever! I’ve been able to train really cool people, some amazing people, and I’ve gotten to use social media to influence people that I don’t have the chance to train one-on-one but I can influence to be their best selves through fitness.

TahiryOnline: So right now were in the New Year and a lot of people are interested in starting fresh, getting into fitness and trying to be the best versions of themselves, what have you found works for your clients and helps people to start working towards their fitness goals, to the point where they see results and they don’t start getting back into their old habits?

Emily: That’s a really good question. So we all start the New Year like, ‘this is a new chapter’, ‘this is new motivation’, and then the average person falls off and becomes a statistic. But what I find is really the contributing factor to that is that we put all of this pressure on ourselves to make crazy changes and almost go extreme. So lets say you have a habit of eating something or coming home sitting home on the couch and calling it a night after you get off of work but then start going to the extreme of being on some crazy diet and then working out twice a day and it just doesn’t work so the greatest piece of advice I can give is to still really make changes around your current lifestyle. You don’t have to switch your whole life upside down and you don’t have to go on a diet that makes you hate your whole life and cut carbs you don’t have to punish yourself. And I think Everyone is like okay I’m going to workout, I’m not going to eat any carbs, i’m going to do X, Y, Z, I’m going to get rid of all my bad habits, and they really just want to fall back into their old habits again when they get tired of doing that. So making small changes, not doing anything crazy even if its like doing a 20 minute workout at home the difference it makes over time is so much greater than going extreme for a short period of time. So really thinking long term not being crazy with it, making small changes every week and next thing you know that snowballs into the results that you want.

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TahiryOnline: Now you spoke about not having to give up carbs and things like that, can you talk to us more about your Un-Diet method because you have a book you created called, ‘The Un-Diet Method’ and what we can find in the book?

Emily: Absolutely. So Un-Diet the name literally came from just like to end all diets, like Un-Diet your life. sO IN my years of being in the fitness industry I’ve done every thing from fitness shows likebikini shows and I was an athlete so every type of process I’ve experienced every side and some of it was so extreme oh my god especially when it came to bikini shows. And everything that I noticed when it comes to diets is that there is always an end and I jus could not wait until the end you jus think about that cheat meal you’re going to have and everything had a negative association with eating and I love food and I was very fortunate when I grew up my mom had a garden and I ALWAYS ate really healthy, but I just really didn’t like that feeling of being restricted and feeling like I had a negative relationship with food and that is what I really first noticed was a common theme amongst clients and others when you say the word diet its such a negative thing and it isn’t something that is sustainable. And I actually got personally sick a couple of years ago the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I’ve always been healthy but couldn’t figure it out myself so I went to a naturopathic doctor and we discovered that it was dietary related and I had a bacteria imbalance which is extremely common with people because we have good and bad bacteria in our bodies and although I wasn’t eating poorly I was consuming a lot of things with added chemicals and hormones and that had caused havoc in my body which is why I got really sick. So after going through that, that was when I was said to myself, ‘okay’, now I know that even though I was making a lot of healthy choices I still ended up unhealthy. After that experience I went really in depth in the food and diet industry. That is when I realized how many flaws there were and how much conflicting and confusing information there was it was. It’s so crazy to me because it’s like even if someone was trying to make really big changes in their life they could still end up where they don’t want to be because they are not aware of what foods to have. That is when I wrote ‘Un-Diet’. The whole point is teaching people how to eat again and learning how our body uses food, digest food and absorbs it. At the end of the day, food is essentially our fuel that we need everyday. One big thing I try to emphasize is that as soon as you start looking at food as your friend and not counting calories you really realize how it’s not so hard and it’s not stressful. In the book, I take people through a process of unlearning so basically just scrubbing your mind of all of the crap from over the years. What I think the founding part of it is what I like to call becoming food conscious. That includes reading labels, knowing what you’re putting in your body and making sure you’re not being fooled by marketing and labels, because in reality, essentially some of those chemicals in the food are one step away from being plastic and would you eat plastic? No. So really learning those tools. I also provide everyone with those tools so that in their every day life in the grocery store the restaurant wherever you are that you’re able to make a conscious decision where you know you’re having what’s best for you and that’s the whole principle of ‘Un-Diet’.

TahiryOnline: So recently you posted on your IG that you can’t change your body without changing your body so can you talk to us a little bit more about what that means and possibly what the steps are that someone need to take to get their mind right for a new body and lifestyle?

Emily: Yeah, the most important part of any transformation whatever your physical goal is, is your mind. There are no and’s, if’s, but’s about it. I’m very upfront with clients when they come with me. Before we even go near a gym i like to sit down and talk to them. The reason I do that is because I want to know where their mind is. Because although I want to help everyone, you can’t help change someone that doesn’t want to change. We’ve all had that boyfriend that were like I’m going to make him commit and the truth of the matter is if he doesn’t want to stay he’s not going to stay. So I’m very upfront with everyone. What I mean when I say, ‘if you don’t want to change your mind your body won’t change’ is that one of the hardest things for us to do is to detach from things that we have learned or become. So our thought-processes, our environments, all of those things make us who we are good and the bad. And with that being said, the hardest part is detaching ourselves from something like one of those things or places that we find ourselves in our comfort zone. Were used to it, it’s a part of you and that could be the thing that is holding you back. And that is so common when it comes to the point when you’re very frustrated. So if you are working and you’re not seeing the results, I always go to where your mind is. Because at the end of the day, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and you have to be willing to be vulnerable. In reality, a lot of people go to the gym and repeat the same workouts and the same routines because who wants to be in the gym and look like they don’t know what they’re doing or not sure they can physically do it? So we build up all of these mental limitations and habits that keep our body exactly where it’s at. My greatest advice to get out of that zone and even greater than the gym is do something on a daily basis that is uncomfortable. So during this new year you should take yourself outside of what you’ve learned and ask yourself what can I do different? What is something that I can try to do? Doing that thing that takes you mentally out of that box that you’ve created.

TahiryOnline: Great advice! So something that everyone wants to know is what type of workouts do you suggest to someone that really knows nothing about fitness but wants to lose 10 pounds or something? We hear cardio, cardio, cardio and then recently we hear weights, weights, weights. As an expert, what do you think is the best type of workout or something to do in the gym for someone with a body type like mine?

Emily: Well there has been a change in trend. The most valuable type of workout you can always include no matter what your goal is and what level you’re at is something that I call functional training. All that honestly means is that if you can move your own body weight in all the ways your body was designed to move in, your body will change. Simply put, our body has to move to shape it. An example of functional training is using your body weight, bands, a lighter weight if you’re going to use weights, kettlebells, all of these different ways we can add resistance but doing a whole body exercise/workout. Doing pushups and pull-ups and if you can’t do pull-ups doing rows and planks. Basically moving every possible way! The more functional your body is the better its going to look. So I don’t say today’s leg day or arm day, it’s full body every day. Because there are so many different ways you can apply your body to the point it’s not an issue of recovering. It’s different motions, you can do walking lunges one day and step ups the next. And if you do have anything holding you back because for some people its their knees or their backs or an old injury that we’re also working on your mobility at the same time so doing foam rolling and stretching and that kind of stuff. Really its jus moving, moving as much as possible, because if you’re doing full body workouts you will notice you’re sweating as much as you would on the treadmill.

TahiryOnline: So our final question is with it being a new year, what are some tips or tools you’ll use to continue to better yourself that you can share with other people?

Emily: Your iPhone reminder and iPhone calendar is your best friend!! We have our phones in our hands all day, I would be lost without mine for life in general and what I have to do on a daily basis. Set those little alarms and set it like an alarm, set it in your phone for intervals of 2 hours to drink your water, or set it in your calendar for you to go to the gym, whatever you have to do schedule that time in there and just use your phone because you’re using it anyway. It’s something that’s free and that’s in your hand. There are lots of apps and things for drinking water and everything but you can just set it yourself. I use sticky notes and put them on my mirror to look at everyday. But just being very present on an everyday basis via reminders is probably the greatest thing you can to do.

TahiryOnline: Well thank you Emily for talking to me. We know we can find you on Instagram and YouTube but any other ways we can find you?

Emily: My website is on my bio on Instagram, bodybymemethod.com and I welcome anyone to DM me, I try my best to reply to anyone so if you have questions about eating, any workouts, any new year stuff please DM me and I’m open to helping anyone.


You can find more information on Emily Meisner, her book ‘Un-Diet’ or to purchase exclusive gear visit her website www.bodybymemethod.com. You can also follow her on Instagram at @FITEMFITNESS and check out her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FITEMFitness