How To Stay On Track With Your Eating on Vacation #LevelYourselfUp Challenge

Traveling can throw anyone off. Between the airport food, the stress of getting to the airport on time and the lack of healthy options at a hotel, you can completely be thrown off of your routine and give way to eating garbage (that’s what it is). Yes, Waffle House is open 24 hours, and might even be close right off the freeway, but that shouldn’t be your option… Or if it truly is your only option, you shouldn’t be eating a waffle, but you know that! it’s not the answers that you lack it’s the discipline. So it all boils down to discipline!!!

So here are my tips below:

  1. You have to think ahead…

    • You can bring your own food through the security line, so with that being said, you need to pack a lunch for your travel days. Add a lunch box to the things you’re carrying and fill it with things that are appropriate for how you’re eating.

  2. Pack Your Gym Clothes

    • I get it, if you’re gone for the weekend you don’t want to bring a whole bunch of extra stuff. You don’t want to drag it around the airport or pay the $25 to check it. But if it’s between $25 and accomplishing your goals, $25 is a small price to pay. Pack your gym clothes! Most hotels have gyms, they don’t have a lot of options unless you’re staying at a very high-end hotel, but they at least have a treadmill. So pack your gym clothes and your gym shoes and get it in.


    • I can’t emphasize this enough!!! YouTube has EVERYTHING you need. You can do all kinds of workouts… Yoga, Cardio, Pilaties, Boxing. It’s all on YouTube!! Just get resourceful and type what you want in the search bar… You will find something guaranteed.

  4. Choose the healthy options

    • So let’s bring Waffle House back up… Let’s say that’s all that’s available to you, find something on the menu that is real food and that fits within your eating plan… You can never go wrong with egg whites and bacon or sausage or some type of protein. You don’t have to get what they’re known for, but get what will make sure you don’t come back from your trip looking crazy or back where you started.

  5. Take the stairs

    1. Ask to be put on the highest floor of the hotel and take the stairs up to your room and down to the lobby… You may be out of breath, but you’ll most certainly get an amazing workout in….

  6. Realize It’s Not worth it

    • Point, blank, period. Eating crazy, it’s not worth it.

Try these and let me know how it goes….

Tahiry Jose