It's Been A Minute...

Team Tahiry!!

It's been a minute... Over a month!!! I've been really busy with 718 Beauty Bar. IT IS NOT BUSY RUNNING A BUSINESS!!! I'm going to talk more about this later, but when I tell you I've been running... I've been running! I just wanna share with you all what i've been working on if you've missed it...

MY New YouTube Channel

You asked for it, and now it's here!!! I finally officially joined the YouTube world (Again) but this time with my very own CHANNEL!! On my channel I'm going to talk about everything that you all want to know! From fitness to my daily struggles to different challenges to sex and relationships to if my ASS IS REAL! Yes! I GO THERE!!! Check out what I've done so far and don't forget to tune in every week!!! or type in Tahiry Jose in the search bar on YouTube.


My new Podcast on YouTube

Yeah... I've joined the wave! You all have been asking for it tho! A lot of people have heard me on others podcasts and interviews and when this opportunity presented itself I jumped at it! I partnered with my guys Joell Ortiz and Rob Patterson, and of course ThisIs50! It's called 'Him, Him & Her' and on there we talk about current events, pop culture, music, EVERYTHING! We have a few cool special guests and it's something I'm really excited to see grow!

Be sure to tune in every week on or 

718 Beauty Bar

This, this hasn't been easy! But I'm sticking with it ya'll. One day I'm going to talk about all of the woes of being a TRUE entrepreneur and doing everything yourself!! But even though it hasn't been easy, it is my BABY!!! 718 Beauty Bar is everything to me and if you're in the New York/New Jersey area, you have to stop by! We do everything from mani and pedi's to hair to getting your makeup done for a special occasion... You gotta see it!


Yes you read that right. You know my passion is acting and I can't wait to fully immerse myself in it. I'll be starring in an Off Broadway Show called, 'Checklist The Play'. It's coming in October so you're gonna wanna be there. It's going to be amazing!!! Get tickets here

Tahiry Jose