Reasons You Should Visit 718 Beauty Bar


As DJ Khaled's friend on Snapchat would say, business has been 'Booming' at 718 and I am forever grateful to everyone that has believed in me and supported me through my journey of opening my first storefront business. It has by no means been easy, but I'm fortunate to say that I have an amazing team and supporting cast that makes it happen every single day!

Seven One Eight (718) is my baby and I'm just happy to share it with the world! With it being summer time we're out and about more, we are rocking our sandals and picking up everything at the summer bar-b-que's so all eyes are on our nails, which is one of the reasons it's so important for you to keep yourself together.

But why should you visit 718 Beauty Bar if you're in the area? Let me tell you why...



1. It's the ultimate beauty experience.

I personally believe that when you're being pampered you should not only physically feel good, but mentally you should feel amazing as well. The pampering experience doesn't have to be boring and lull with the news on the TV in the back. The news is depressing enough. Instead, I believe you should be listening to your favorite jams, engaging in positive girl talk (if you feel like it) and it should be an experience!

2. We serve wine.

Need I say more?? :-)


3. We provide every single service needed for a night out on the town, or to help you keep your look up for the weeks to come.

We aren't just a nail salon. We are a beauty bar. That means every single thing you would need when it comes to upgrading yourself we have you covered. We offer nail, hair and waxing services. So you need your nails done? We have you covered. Everything from a luxe manicure/pedicure to gel nails. You need your hair done? We offer coloring, extension installations, braiding, blow outs and more! Just ask. Need your makeup done for a special occasion? We offer makeup services and we also provide lessons so that you're always flawless.  Need some hair removal by way of waxing? We do that too... We have everything! Stop in!


Bonus: You never know who you'll see at 718!

Tahiry Jose