Exclusive: Shields vs. Gabriels Live on Showtime


So I never in a million years thought I would ever be writing about this on my blog but that's why people always say, 'never say never'. In between doing stuff at the shop, hostings, photoshoots and all things Tahiry, I had the opportunity to go inside and behind the scenes of a world that many know about, but few have really taken the time to understand. I feel like if people did take the time to understand, and certain men put aside their chauvinistic ways, they would see how AMAZING and important the world of women's sports truly is. When you think of boxing, the first thing that may come to your mind is Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather... and then when you think of female boxers, probably the only boxer that everyone in the world can just roll off is Laila Ali (and she truly is a great athlete... one of the greats period)... But a young lady that is on the rise to becoming (if not already) the best female boxer of all time is a young lady by the name of Claressa Shields. 


Claressa Shields is a 2 time Olympic gold medalist, which already makes her one of the greats in the boxing world. She now is fighting as a professional fighter with 0 loses. out of her 5 wins, 2 of them have been by knockout. Tomorrow, Saturday, June 22nd at the Masonic Temple, Shields will be facing Hanna Gabriels, a Costa Rican boxer that is not only a professional athlete but a mother, wife and an athlete with several international victories. An on looker with no real knowledge of the world of boxing may think this will be a breeze for Shields, but Gabriels is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Fighting 20 fights, with 18 of them being wins and 11 by knockout, the fight tomorrow is guaranteed to be a must see. 


But Shields vs. Gabriels won't be the only highlight of the night. Much talk is surrounding 7 years undefeated Unified Middleweight World Champion Christina Hammer. Hammer, who makes her USA debut, is scheduled to fight Former WBC Middleweight Champion Tori Nelson tomorrow night as well. 


What I've learned from taking a behind the scenes view of this sport is that these matches are just as, if not more important than any male boxing match! I was so inspired to see women speaking highly of each other, despite previous losses, and working hard to be the best. Tori Nelson took her first loss to Claressa Shields, but she said that she was honored to do so. This really stood out to me because we live in a world where women are constantly trying to one up each other and tear each other down. Instead of taking L's like a real one, most women want to clown the other or tear each other down. But I didn't notice this much during a press conference held surrounding the fight. Instead, Nelson viewed her loss as a lesson by saying, "... in order to find out that you're the best you have to fight the best... she [Clarissa] showed me she was [the best]." 


The press conference also reenforced to me that women are the BEST at just about everything!!! And it's so beautiful to see us do things with positivity. Even though Hanna Gabriels is set to fight Claressa Shields, with hopes of beating her, she spoke nothing but positivity over her life and to her. Respect.

Most importantly, and what I want every little girl and woman to learn and cultivate which was so evident in my girl Claressa Shields is CONFIDENCE!!! This girl is the epitome of confidence! She knows that she is the best and she puts in the hard work to be the best.

Ladies and gents, please do yourself a favor and tune in to Showtime or if you're in Detroit head down to the Masonic Temple for the Salita Promotions "Shields vs Gabriels" professional boxing event Friday, June 22nd. 


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