Get Ready for Summer with Celebrity Trainer Alicia Bell

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I'm back and just as I promised with better content than ever! I was able to sit down with Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Figure Champion, Alicia Bell. I know Alicia from being a personal trainer and for training some of your favorite athletes, actors and entertainers. Alicia gave me so much information that I had to interview her and share some of her tips with you!


If you go to or she basically needs no introduction...

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1. Summer is pretty much a month away, and so many of us aren't ready, what are some simply things we can start doing now to look our best and be healthy?

You can easily make changes that will help you see a difference and be and feel more healthy by cleaning up your diet by adding more micronutrients like green vegetables. Also drink more water, it speeds up the metabolism and keeps you from holding water weight. Try getting outside and moving even if its for a 10-15 minute walk it gets blood flowing and revs the metabolism.

2. What are your thoughts on working outdoors in the summer?

Outdoor workouts are great! You get vitamin D which has so many benefits and it can be fun for the whole family. Try a family walk, hike or bike ride.

3. Summer is known for sundresses and cute Fashion Nova fits. What are some things ladies can do to maintain their curves while still slimming down?

I know most women are intimidated by this but lift weights. Don’t just do cardio. Strength training will give you the curves you want. Don't worry it won’t make you bulky.


4. What are your favorite go to summer fruits and foods?

I have so many! Cucumber and lemon in water just to start with. And Kiwi - Did you know it has more vitamin C than an orange?

Also, BBQ anything - BBQ at high heat because it cooks off fats and makes your protein taste delicious.

5. Is It too late to work on our summer bodies?

It’s never too late to get started!



For more tips and to get started on your summer body, you can reach out to Alicia Bell on Alicia offers eating plans, workout plans and online coaching!!!

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