June 1st - 6 More Months To Go

Hey Team Tahiry,

So I wanted to check in with you guys and give you updates, share some stuff with you and see what is going on with you guys out there. I'm really trying to curate content that I think will be useful for you guys, but it can be tough. Between still getting the shop where it needs to be, my bookings and still trying to fit in some time for my friends and family it gets tough... But hey! We're all doing the same thing essentially and all trying to make it... But I wanted to check in with you guys to give my tips and advice for getting through the 2nd half of the year...

If things haven't been going exactly how you envisioned for things to be for you starting on January 1st, don't fret. Instead, reevaluate. I want you guys to spend today just thinking about what you set out to do in 2018 that you haven't done yet... It's okay if you haven't. You still have 6 more months, and 6 months is a long time to go. If you've been slacking like crazy then it's really time to buckle down and super go time for you... 

But as far as the blog, what would you all like me to focus on for the rest of 2018? Health & Fitness? Music? Movies? Fashion? Entertainment news? Dating & Relationships? Advice? Recipes?

Drop me a line on IG and let me know! Let's conquer the last 6 months! It's not too late to make 2018 YOUR YEAR!!!



Tahiry Jose