Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

Okay! So, I know I'm a little late but between the shop and getting everything together for my birthday, I haven't had much time to for anything else. I had a little time between flights and hosting and I thought to myself, why not go see a movie. I wanted to go see something that I thought no one else would be seeing in the middle of the day, so I decided to go see 'I Feel Pretty'. I didn't really know what the movie was about, but the topic intrigued me and the billboard featured Amy Schumer so I thought let me give it a try. If anything, I would be able to review the movie for you guys and tell you to not see it or to go see it. But after seeing it, I'm going to have to say GO SEE THIS MOVIE LADIES!!! There was a huge message that I think is worth hearing. If you have any young ladies in your life (like your daughters, nieces, sisters or best friend) I think it's worth a shot. The message in this movie is one that all women need to see, hear and UNDERSTAND. It was conveyed in a comical manner, and that makes it even more worth seeing. 

The movie definitely reminded me of Shallow Hal in a way, but completely different. I'm going to leave the trailer at the bottom of this blog, but Team Tahiry, if you have time, definitely go see this while it's in theaters. Especially if you're not feeling the best about yourself, you just went through a breakup so you're not feeling anything or you struggle with a lack of confidence.

In today's world I've noticed everyone wants to look a certain way, or women are insecure. That is why this movie is well needed and should be a requirement for all women to see. You know I'm all about women empowerment (and one of the actual females that speaks about it and TRULY believes in it... no shade tho) so trust me when I tell you, if you apply the message that's being given in this movie to your life, you will feel empowered! If you're wondering if you should go after a certain job, or talk to that guy, or you think you're too fat or too tall or just whatever, go see this movie and you may have a different outlook.

So overall, I would label this movie as a must see for women. Check out the trailer and it's Friday so it's a great day to go check out a movie!

Tahiry Jose