Social Media Etiquette When In A Relationship Pt. 1

I was talking to my boy Aaron and we got on the topic of social media and relationships and the question was raised, 'When in a relationship, if someone of the opposite sex compliments you should you respond and should you keep liking or double tapping pics of someone that has expressed interest in you even though you're currently in a relationships?'

We kinda went around the room and gave our opinions, but I wanted to bring the conversation to my blog and share my thoughts. I've composed a list of 'Don'ts' for social media when you're in a relationship. Let me know what you think? Maybe we can talk about it next wednesday on Real Talk With Tahiry'. So here we go:

#1. Don't flirt or even keep responding to someone that has expressed interest in you while you're in a serious relationship.

This is #1 because I think this gets violated so easily and so much. It's easy to just talk to someone on social media and at first not think anything of it. But if someone is like 'hey you look good' or 'nice smile' and you're in a relationship. You need to ignore it or say thank you and keep moving on. You don't need to keep going back and forth back and forth because innocent conversation is what often times leads to CHEATING. I'm for real guys. So say your thank you and keep it moving or simply keep it moving.

#2 Don't keep double tapping the pics of your ex or someone that you know for a fact likes you.

You know we all look at those notifications and you know you light up when that special someone has liked your picture so stop playing. Something as simple as hitting the little heart on IG can make the person that posted the pic feel you might be into them. If someone feels that you might be feeling them, they're more likely to want to engage further and before you know it, they're catching feelings. Avoid that by simply scrolling or if it's your ex, just hit that unfollow button.

#3 When you enter into a new relationship, delete pics of you and your ex bae.

It just comes down to respect. Ladies you know you would feel some type of way if you seen your current bae hugged up with his ex bae on IG. So you knoooooow a guy would feel tight if he seen that on your page. I know you probably look beyond cute, but delete the pic and create new memories with your new bae. It's only fair.

#4 Unfollow your ex

Yes hit that unfollow button and don't look back. If you see pics of someone you used to be involved with, it might make you feel some type of way and old memories may come back and you might get caught up thinking about your ex while you're in a new situation and then your new situation won't flourish the way it really should. Just believe me.

#5 Don't engage in negative talk with your ex or your currents ex

We see it ALL the time on the Shade Room and I believe we've talked about it here. Leave your ex alone and leave your current bae's ex alone too!!!! Just stay away from the drama. Both equal drama, drama and more drama. And worse than that, you just look dumb and insecure. LET. IT. GO. BOO!!! LOL

Well here are my social media etiquette DON'T's when in a relationship... Share yours with me on IG, Twitter or Facebook. You know how to find me @TheRealTahiry



Tahiry Jose