Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Not too long ago, think 4 months ago, I opened up my first store front business. 718 Hoboken. At first, I don't think anyone knew it was mine. Opening up this shop has been one of the most challenging things I have done thus far. More challenging than living my life out in public on television, more challenging than going through a breakup, more challenging than acting classes and then acting, more challenging than pretty much anything.

I've always considered myself an entrepreneur, but this is true entrepreneurship. You're probably thinking, oh Tahiry just puts her name on this and that's it... NO! Completely opposite. I'm scheduling appointments, responding to inquiries, washing towels, opening up the shop, closing up the shop, doing EVERYTHING! On my own!!! I have a great supportive staff and some of the best nail techs in New Jersey, but that doesn't negate from the fact that I've never done this before and it's hard. 

After being sick and realizing I couldn't fight it anymore, I had a doctor's visit, I was told that I needed to be on bed rest. That I should be laying down for a few days and resting, but honestly, how can I do that when I know I have a full business to run and support. I'm literally supposed to be in bed relaxing, but I'm up thinking about things that I have to do for both my business and my brand... Not to mention, MYSELF! 

I know I usually have a list of things that can help someone, but I don't have one today... All I have is some words of advice: keep going and overcome the challenges. That's what I'm telling myself and that's what I want to share with all of the other entrepreneurs!!!

Keep going! Remember, you gotta have you!



Tahiry Jose