I'm Not Where I Think I Should Be

So... I went back and forth with typing the title of this blog a few times... At first I titled it, 'I'm Not Where I Should Be'. Then I titled it, I'm Not Where I Want To Be'. Then I made it, 'I'm Not Where I Should Be' again... Then I finished writing the blog and settled with 'I'm Not Where I Should Be'... Read on to see why...

Happy April guys... As my project manager Charles would say, 'we've entered into the second quarter of the year... What are you going to do?'. Now if you're a basketball fan like myself, you may liken your life or year to a basketball game. The first quarter is when you come out and you're sizing up your opponent, pretty much seeing what you're going to deal with but you come out of the gate strong. But the second quarter is where you're still establishing the tempo for the game and still sizing up your opponent. I see my opponent as my goals and my milestones. So Sunday I spent the morning pretty much sizing up my goals and milestones. If you follow me on Instagram I shared with you all that I woke up feeling anxious. I woke up with anxious thoughts, thinking to myself when am I going to have my first child, have I met my soulmate yet, what's going on with my career? I know I'm not the only one thinking this but sometimes I truly feel like I'm the only person going through something. When I look around it LOOKS like everyone has it all together, but I know that sometimes our perceptions of things aren't necessarily the realities. Sometimes I wish I could just look into a crystal ball and see exactly how things will end up, but... That's definitely not how it goes. 

In the game of basketball, after halftime (known as the third quarter in the NBA), is when you absolutely need to bring it. You've had a break, you've had a moment to adjust your strategy or scratch it and come up with an entire new way to win the game. Ladies (and gents), that's sometimes what you have to do to get through this game called life. You have to take a halftime break and truly adjust your strategy or come up with an entirely different plan of action to get to where you're supposed to be. We all want to be winners, we all want to be happy, but you can't win at something that you don't plan for. And in all reality, sometimes you can plan and plan and things don't go as planned. It doesn't mean you're a failure, it just means that you have to readjust your thinking and readjust period, so you can be ready for the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter is where you go all out. You have to maintain a level of poise and grace, but you still have to be in beast mode to truly make it happen. Ladies, I'm not saying you should go 'all out' to find you a man, but you should go 'all out' towards your goals. I often wonder should I be married right now, or why haven't I had a baby, but, I have to channel that energy into controlling the controllables. I may not be able to control how a man sees me or if he wants to marry me, but I can control the effort I put into getting my business off the ground or growing my brand. So when I have these crazy feelings and anxiety trys to take over, I realize that I need to take a time out, make it to halftime and readjust so that I can win in the fourth quarter of this game called life. 

If it were supposed to be easy, everyone would be successful and all of the 'what if's' and 'why's' would be answered... But it's not. So guess what I'm gonna do and I suggest you do the same... Keep striving, keep grinding and keep at it trying to win at this game called life.



Tahiry Jose