Kick Depression

Depression is a bitch! It can keep you in bed when you need to get up. It can have you thinking LESS than negative thoughts (yes, it's possible to think less than negative thoughts). It can ruin relationships that are actually going right. It can make you gain crazy amounts of weight. It can make you lose money. It can result in so much that I don't even want to keep going there... But most of us have dealt with it at one point in our life. From realizing our lives aren't what we wanted or expected them to be to experiencing the death of a loved one to experiencing our first heartbreak or even experiencing losing our house, car, job, just anything. It's a sucky feeling that you just have to push through. 

If you looked at my instastory today, you heard me say that I've been depressed. But thanks to my friends, family, GOD and some self-realization, I'm coming out of that... Because I wanted to spread a little love and in honor of yesterday being International Women's Day, I wanna share 5 ways to kick depression in the ass and get back up and back into the swing of things.

#1. Turn on some music

You can't say you know me if you don't know that music makes my world go 'round. Music literally can be my everything in a time of turmoil. It might be some gospel so you can remember that God is right there with you. It may be some Trina to help you remember that you're the baddest. But whatever you choose, listen to something you like. It might mean the difference between you getting out of the bed. After I've been all sad and sappy and listening to things like that, I turn on some upbeat, fun, survivor type music. Scientist have even proved that listening to upbeat music does something to our brains that makes us happier. 

#2. Get out of bed

Okay you cried all night. Now it's truly time to get out of the bed. Take that first step and get out of the bed. Realize that it's a new day and a chance to change things for yourself. Even when it seems like nothing can get any better or can change, remember that it can.

#3. Watch a documentary about positive energy or someone you admires documentary

Sometimes you have to look outside of yourself and look at the facts. Watching a documentary on Netflix about positive energy and positive thinking or getting on youtube and watching the unauthorized story of 'whomever' can help you to see past your own pain. Everyone goes through something, and if they can get out of it, so can you.


If you're depressed, you probably let some things go around the house. Like the dishes or maybe your room is a mess. The first step to getting your life back in order can sometimes mean a little organization and a little cleaning. Turn on some music and clean up! You'll be surprised at how therapeutic it is. And if you're over listening to music, talk to God. 

#5. Remember it gets better with God and focus on you.

At the end of the day, things will always be better. That's what I try to remind myself. But most importantly, God makes things better. Spend more time praying, talking to and confiding in him. Use the time to focus on you with his help and zone everything else out. When you can't talk to anyone else about whats going on in your life, you can always talk to him. He makes ways when there don't seem to be any. 

Keep your head up ladies!! We got this!