Food For Thought: Why You Need To Be Concerned About Credit


I know you've seen my post about credit. Recently I've been working with Andy at Y2K Credit Solutions to get the word out about the importance of credit, how to build credit and (what's important to most of you all you all) HOW TO FIX CREDIT.

I chose this topic to talk about on my blog today because a friend of mine called me in tears because she was at her wits end with her credit situation. So her story goes a little something like this... She was planning a business trip to try to go networking and meet with potential vendors and new business partners out of town. She knew that by simply renting a car, she would have access to more places because she could simply drive wherever and whenever she needed to go and it was would be flat out CHEAPER to rent a car than to uber everywhere she needed to go for the weekend out of town. She went through the entire process or renting the car online, she had what she described as an amazing rate. When she touched down in the city she was visiting, she got on the airport shuttle to the car rental place, stood in the long line and was ready to rent her car. She had all of the money she needed for her rental and she even made sure she kept extra in her account to cover a deposit. The card she used though was a debit card because she had stopped using credit cards ever since her credit went to crap... To her surprise, the receptionist at the car rental company said, 'since you're paying with a debit card, we're going to need to do a soft credit check'. She immediately got nervous because a month prior she wasn't approved for a car even though she had the proof of the income needed, so she knew her credit was pretty bad...  Needless to say, she failed the soft credit check and was unable to rent the car. Here she is out of town and her plan to change her life by networking and meeting the right people was already falling a part less than an hour after getting off the plane. She ended up having to take her bags, ride the car rental shuttle back to the airport and ubering to her hotel and ubering everywhere that she could because she couldn't get a car rental from anywhere. She ended up spending WAY MORE MONEY than planned and her trip got off to a rough start. Now, I'm not telling her story to embarrass her (this is why I haven't said her name, won't say her name), but I'm sharing this story to raise awareness.

Credit is everything

Let me say it one more time...


And let me say it one more time for those that are hardheaded, don't listen and on their way to also being embarrassed... 


When I'm giving out tips about credit and how to build credit and fix your credit and doing Real Talk's with my friends over at Y2K Credit Solutions, I'm not just doing it for another promo. I'm doing it because I really want to help people. One thing I've learned is that cash is king but credit is life changing. If you have good credit, you can literally get anything. You can get that house you want, you can drive that car you want, you can even get that DREAM JOB at that company that is going to pay you your worth and what you truly want (see you didn't know that a lot of jobs run your credit before officially giving you the position). 

Ladies and gentlemen I just want to help you guys out. A lot of us weren't told by our parents the importance of credit. Shoot, I know people that got a bad start because their parents messed up their credit by putting things in their names! Or maybe your parents tried to tell you but you just didn't listen... Either way. Please care about your credit.

If you want to learn more about credit visit my page on Instagram. I have so many tips that I've come up with on there. And if you're serious about making sure you make the right decisions or FIXING your credit, contact Y2K Credit Solutions. This isn't a gimmick, or one of those things where it's like WE WILL WIPE YOUR CREDIT AND GIVE YOU A PERFECT CREDIT SCORE. This is the real deal. Not a ploy just to make some extra bucks... It takes WORK to fix your credit, and Y2K Credit Solutions can help you. I'm not just pushing them for a personal benefit. If I knew of another reliable company I would mention them. But I'm not about to just push any company because they pay for a promo and it doesn't help Team Tahiry. Not when it comes to something as serious as this! As I've stated several times, I can personally say that Y2K Credit Solutions helped me fix my credit. Now I'm able to do more financially and they've equipped me with knowledge so that I can now make more sound decisions. 

So think about it guys... If you have any credit questions, hit up @y2k_creditsolutions on IG. If you're serious about making some changes, give them a call for a free consultation at 877-552-1377.

I hope this helps somebody... Seriously 

Tahiry Jose