Out of the Ordinary Date Night Ideas

It's Friday! It's Friday! Or maybe... It's Saturday! It's Saturday!! or IT'S ANY DAY! LOL

But seriously guys, maybe it's the weekend, or maybe you work on the weekends and it's a weekday and your significant other suggests a date night. Or maybe you want to plan a date night, but you just don't know what to do... Well here is where I come in with some great tips and ideas for date night.

Date night doesn't always have to be super sappy and traditionally romantic to actually be fun and a night to remember... Check out these great date night ideas.


1. Netflix and CHILL

Yes! I said it! If you work as much as I do or pretty much everyone I know, you know how valuable a night in actually is. When you've worked 40 plus hours a week, add in your commute to and from work and yeah, you're basically spending NO time at home. So the chance to just relax at your house or just with your significant other, sounds amazing. Order in (uber eats, pizza, chinese) plug up your apple TV and find a great movie on Netflix to snuggle up with your lover and watch an amazing movie! I guarantee you if your significant other is as busy as you, they'll love the quality time with you RELAXING. (This idea is also perfect for anyone on a budget... I'm just saying.)


2. Prepare Dinner

Going out to eat can be great. You can order off of a menu, you get catered to, there is no clean up, etc. But that can be BORING if that's what you're always doing... How about you prepare a surprise dinner for bae. Think about your menu, maybe even talk to your bestie about what you can prepare and head to the grocery store. Now for this, you don't want to do too much. So don't put too much thought into what you're going to wear and 'doing the most'. Instead, focus on relaxing, talking and making the best meal. Head over to your significant others house and get your cook on! Enjoy the conversation while you prepare the meal. This can be a great bonding moment. Not only are you showing off your cooking skills, but you're showing that you actually CARE because you did something that takes effort. Try it.


3. Outdoor Picnic

If you're in the NYC area like myself, an outdoor picnic might not be the best idea in March, maybe you should wait until next month, but for my west coasters, this is a great idea right now!! Pack up a picnic basket (or maybe even just grab some McDonalds :-p ) and a blanket and head out to the park! Once again, this is something out of the ordinary and something that your significant other will forever remember. It's special. 


4. Head to Eventbrite.com

Yes I said Eventbrite.com! Why? Because there are so many events going on in your area locally that you wouldn't even know about and did I mention some of them are free? There are plays, there are dinner-dances, brunches, luncheons, festivals, seminars and just tons and tons of events that are waiting for you and your significant other to attend. Try it.

game night.jpg

5. Game night with other couples

Most likely, you have friends and your significant others have plans. Sometimes you can get so caught up in your relationship that it crowds out your friends a bit and you're not spending as much time with them. Or maybe you've been so busy with work and your responsibilities that you don't have time for anyone and you have to try to multitask. What better way than a game night with not only the person you're dating, but your friends and even family. Host the next game night and enjoy the laughs and fun!

So here are a few of my out of the ordinary date night ideas... Share yours on my IG page @TheRealTahiry

Tahiry Jose