Unofficial Q&A With Tahiry: I Think My Man is Cheating on me

Hey guys,

So with all of this 'cheating' being talked about online, I thought I would answer one of the questions I received from one of my loyal supporters... I'm going to respect her privacy so I'm going to change her name... But here's what she had to say:

Hi Tahiry. I'm a huge fan of yours and have been following not only your career but your relationships so I think you're a good person that I can talk to about this topic. I really don't have any one else to speak to because my family and friends think I'm in a perfect relationship. From the outside looking in, I must admit, it probably does look wonderful. I'm successful in my career, so is my boyfriend. He's super supportive of me and I am too when it comes to that. Everything is wonderful though, or at least I thought. Turns out he is cheating on me. I found out because my friends told me they saw him out with someone else. Not just one time, but a few different friends, a few different occasions. I know with his work he has to entertain and network, but I'm starting to feel insecure about it, because I'm seeing less and less of him. What do I do? How should I handle this? Do I breakup with him? WHAT?

- A Confused Lover

Thanks so much for thinking of me when it comes to helping you solve this relationship dilemma. You said you've been following me, so you know that I've experienced just about everything when it comes to relationships. So I think what's important right now is to really think about whether or not your man is really seeing other women or if this is hearsay. You did say that from the outside looking in, it looks amazing. I hope you know that a lot of times, people don't like to see us happy. They want us to be miserable like them. So these people that are telling you about your man, are they really your friends or what? Now, if you know in your heart that they would never lie about this, then maybe it's time to have a conversation with your man. Communication is key! Communication is everything. Maybe don't 'CONFRONT' him, but maybe just casually mention, 'hey such and such seen you out the other night at wherever, was it for work?' Allow him to answer and then continue to open up the dialogue by saying, 'because I just want to make sure everything is okay with us... I really love you and if you're not happy or looking for something else, i just rather you be honest with me'. See what he says and take it from there. Always remember to be calm, cool and collective. Guys can be like kids. Think about when you were a kid. When your parent was calm, cool and collected, even when it came to topics that you thought they would flip, you were more open to being honest and cool with them when you knew you could talk to them openly, free of judgment and anger. Same can be applied to your relationship. Make sure that you're always open and not quick to jump to conclusions or judgment. Let me know how that conversation goes, and we can go from there. I wish you nothing but the best in your relationship.



Ladies (and gents) what do you think this writer should do?

I'm thinking about opening up a forum or space for you all to talk to me and ask me your questions... They can be about relationships, life or anything. What do you think? Would you wanna see that? Drop a line in my comments on IG and let me know! 

Tahiry Jose