Getting to Know H.E.R.


As you all may know I love me some music. It expresses the way I feel when I just can’t find the words. I recently came across an amazing up and coming artist that I want to share with you. She goes by the name H.E.R which stands for Having Everything Revealed. And let me just tell you, she is not one to miss out on! 


Contrary to her name she is known to be a mysterious singer that shy’s away from showing her face. The reason behind that is simple, she wants people to focus on the music. and though some people may not understand that logic by looking at her, it makes sense once you listen to her music. The singer stepped out on the scene back in 2016 when she released her an EP album under RCA records entitled H.E.R Vol. 1.  Ever since then its been non-stop tweets and Instagram post about the singer. 

The buzz lead to her “lights on” tour; in which, did really well. The singer is currently working on a new album that’s scheduled for release this year. Check H.E.R out!


Tahiry Jose