The Checklist: Recap

So here we go… I’m about to be very vulnerable with you guys and really let you know what’s up.

So as you may or may not know, this past Saturday I had the opportunity to star in ‘The Checklist’ an amazing play that I truly wish you all could have seen. It was so nerve-wracking and I was so scared and totally didn’t want to do it, but that’s why I went in head first and accomplished my goal. Believe it or not, I’m kinda shy and I have stage fright. Yeah you read that right, your girl Tahiry is SHY and has a hard time doing what I love most, which is acting, in front of a live audience. Yes I’ve done movies before and yes you probably know me from TV, but that’s just so completely different. I’m so happy though that I had this opportunity to act in front of a live audience and star in this play because it really helped prove to me that anything that I can put my head to, I can do that sh!+. But when I tell you it’s been trying!!!! Try running a business ON YOUR OWN (more on that later) and working on a play every day! Before, I had the role of an understudy but this time I actually starred in the play, so it took so much more dedication than before. It took hours of reading the script on my own and hours of attending play rehearsals and it just took a lot of dedication and discipline, an amount that I forgot that I even had. This role caused me to push myself not only professionally but personally. It brought up a lot of other emotions as I tapped deep into becoming my character. It’s crazy because I seen a lot of her in me. Then if you’ve seen the clips online, you know my character gets married… Well, if you know anything about my life you know I’m NOT married!!! In fact, while I was preparing for the role, I was going through a hell of a lot personally. Which brought a lot of things to the forefront for me…

I can’t say that I’m completely over everything or that I addressed everything that has come up, but it’s been a process!!! I’m just figuring my way through it and I encourage all of you to just try to get through it too. I’m starting to believe that you really have to go through it to see exactly what type of person you are and what areas of your life you need to pay more attention to… But more on this later.

Just wanted to drop a post and tell you all that you aren’t alone in being confused, you’re not alone in working hard and you’re not alone when it comes to trying to conquer fears and get past things…

So here is my little update… I’m working on something big for not only myself but you guys. Something that we can do together… Stay tuned to my IG page because I’m seeking your input…

BUT BEFORE I GO… PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMNT!! Your girl will be moderating an event that is NEEDED in our community! I’m not even going to front, it comes right on time for me… it’s the First Annual Mental Illness Awareness Event. We are all going through things, and in our community, we sometimes tend to HIDE it, but look around. It’s definitely time to start addressing our mental states in all seriousness. So join me tonight at Bar Nine in NYC. More information on my IG page. You’ll not only help yourselves by attending, but others, because proceeds will be donated to V!brant Emotional Help.

Talk to you guys soon



Tahiry Jose