Womanly Tips Wednesdays: Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Okay ladies, it's about to get real, real... So you know that question you wanna ask because you're kinda unsure for yourself, but you never ask it??? I'm telling you, this year, I'm going in, I'm being my transparent self, and sharing a lot of tips, information and some of my most personal stories with you guys and today, I'm talking UNWANTED HAIR!

You ever wonder if you should go bald down there? Trim the forest? Or let your hair RUN free?? Or should you rock thicker eyebrows, thin them out or rock the caterpillar look? It's natural to have hair growing all over your body, so you have nothing to be ashamed of, and it's up to you how you want to keep it. For some people, it's a matter of FEELING more clean, looking a certain way, or keeping things a certain way to please your significant other. But if you know me, you know I'm going to say DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL RIGHT!

If you’re like me, getting rid of unwanted hair is a must! Though we may tend to remove our hair by using one technique, there are different ways to treat different areas. I've researched and tried a few and here are three different and best ways to get rid of those stubborn hairs.  


Face- Seeing as your face is the first thing that people make contact with getting rid of facial hair is pretty crucial. I actually get kinda annoyed when I go to get an eyebrow wax and the lady says, 'you want me to get your upper lip too?' It make's me kind of self-conscious about it but at the end of the day, one of the best ways to get rid of the unwanted hair is by waxing. But, if you have never tried waxing before you may want to start off by using a small amount to see you may be sensitive to it. If you are sensitive to waxing then you may want to go the threading route. These two methods are best for removing unwanted facial hair in areas such as: eyebrows and upper lip. 


Bikini Area- So lets face it, if you've ever gotten a wax down there, whether you get a bikini wax or a Brazilian, it can be kinda painful (especially your first time). However, the research I've done (research as in personal experience, asking friends and looking up info online) the best way to reduce hair growth down below is by laser hair removal. It's less painful than waxing and we all know how painful waxing that area can be. Laser hair removal is best for coarse hair, and you are less likely to have ingrown hair by going the laser route. 



Legs- The most effective way for hair removal on your legs is actually shaving. Just a friendly fun fact, to get the best results, it’s better to exfoliate prior to shaving.


These are just a few options to achieve the best hair removal results. Be sure to drop me a line if you try any of these tips or if you have any you'd like to share with me! 

Tahiry Jose