New Year, New You... For Real This Time


Hey Team Tahiry!

It's Friday night, and while most of you are probably getting ready to go out, or planning for the weekend, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. We all have this whole thing where we say, 'New Year, New Me', and I totally get it. I say it! But! Here it is the 19th and have we really done anything different? Or are we still the same lazy, complacent, procrastinating 2017, 2016, 2006, 1999 version of ourselves LOL. No but seriously. I made a dedication and promise to myself that I would really give my all to everything that I do. If you follow me on any form of social media, you will see that I've been working hard. I'm proud of myself too because here it is the 19th and I've actually been keeping to some of the things that I promised myself I would do... I opened up my shop, I've been working out both with my trainer and alone at home and I've been focusing on my business. 

I met up with my team today and I really counted it as a victory because here I am, a few years in the game and I still have a solid team that wants to work and help me continue to build. I have a lot of building to do, but I guess I just wanted to let ALL of my Team Tahiry, supporters, haters and naysayers know that it's never too late to REALLY have a New Year, New You moment, but what's the most important matter of it all is that you have to be FOR REAL, which is why in the title of this blog post i say FOR REAL THIS TIME! You have to be for real this time guys and that means being consistent. If you know me, or have followed my brand, you know that I'm transparent about EVERYTHING. So much so that my team has to tell me to pull back sometimes, or they have to tell me to take that down. I say that to say, I'm going to be real with you guys on here, on my site, I think it's going to be the best way that we all can grow in 2018. So yeah, we're 19 days in, and you probably weren't even thinking about your goals, you were probably thinking about what you were going to wear tonight, or even who you were going to hook up with... But, come back to this post later and really think about what it's going to take for the whole, 'New Year, New You' to really happen in 2018...

Well that's all from me folks, I have to go over some notes from our team meeting today and of course I have 718 Hoboken stuff to work on...

So party it up tonight, but come back to this post guys and really think about it... I want us all to win... Even our haters! If they start winning, maybe they'll stop hating. HAHAHAHA



Tahiry Jose