Happy New Year

Happy New Year.png

Team Tahiry!!!

We made it to 2018!!! We have a lot to be thankful for in that a lone! Like just about everyone else I love the NEW YEAR! Why? Because it's a time of new beginnings and a great time to hit the reset button. This New Year is even more special than the norm because not only is it January 1st or 1/1 but its also a MONDAY!!! That should be an indication to us all that we have to take advantage of this new beginning that we get! So what if 2017 didn't go EXACTLY how you planned... IT'S OKAY TEAM TAHIRY!!! Because we got a what? A fresh start!!!

Here are my personal times on how to take advantage of your new beginning in January!!!

  • * Get a journal and start writing in it! 

So let's say 2017 didn't go as you planned... WRITE ABOUT IT! Write about the lessons you learned and why it was important to learn them THEN and how they're going to aid you in having an even better year for 2018

  • * Write out your goals in your journal

I know, I know you thought about your goals and you put them in your phone or you threw up a post on Instagram... It's definitely not the same as writing it out. Even scientist say goals and overall anything that you write down and put to paper you stick to, so WRITE OUT your goals.

  • * Forgive yourself

Yep. It's that simple sometimes. Just forgive yourself. Don't take any negativity with you about yourself or various situations into the New Year. Just forgive yourself and move on.

  • * Post on Instagram

I know everyone says that we all overshare, but sometimes posting on Instagram or even just sending out a text to your friends sharing your intentions and goals will help you stick to them as well. There is so much value in accountability. 

  • *Don't try to change too much at once

Last but certainly not least, don't try to make a million changes all at once. We've all done this before and what ends up happening? We become overwhelmed and then we don't stick to ANYTHING. A lot of the times we just give up. But to avoid this from happening, do your best to just start small. Break down your goals to a few practical ways of change. Here's an example, say one of your goals is to lose 20 pounds. Not a good idea. The best thing to tell yourself, TO STICK TO, is I want to start making healthier choices and find a new form of exercise I like. Making that your goal instead of, I'm going to drink 1 gallon of water a day, cut all sugar and workout 6 times a week, is less overwhelming and you're more likely to stick to making healthier choices verses cutting all sugar SUDDENLY and all at once. If you just make healthier choices, so maybe a 100 cal pack of cookies verses a LARGE chocolate chunk cookie from your fav spot in the mall, you'll get more a feeling of accomplishment and will stick to making better choices. Small little changes add up to big results, remember that I told you that!

Well these are my tips for kicking off the New Year. Once again, Happy New Year folks and I hope this year is YOUR year!!