Women of the Present: Shayla Cowan

There is nothing more inspiring than a woman that is not only making it happen for herself, but for others. Even though I am an actress and it's something that I love to do, I think a lot of times people in general think that the only jobs in Hollywood are the ones in the front... The 'talent' sort of speak... The Actors, Actresses then there's the Producers, Stylist and more, but take a minute and think... There has to be someone behind the big business, pushing and propelling it forward... My goal is to expose my followers and those supporting this blog, especially the young ladies, to more... Women's History Month is all about finding inspiration from those that have paved the way in the past, but there is definitely something to be learned from the women that are building their legacy's RIGHT NOW. That is why I'm so happy that I got a few minutes of Shayla's time. Shayla Cowan is the right hand to world famous Hollywood movie producer Will Packer. You may know their work and love their movies just as much as I do (think This Christmas, Takers, Ride Along, Think Like a Man and so many more of our favorite films). Will Packer was named in Black Enterprises, 'Most Powerful Players Under 40' list, and I'm sure what aids him in his success is his team, including Shayla.

It's rare that you get advice from successful ones like Shayla Cowan in the entertainment industry, as she has experience in both music and film, because they're SO busy. But I'm happy to say Shayla was willing to share some quick words of advice to those seeking to follow their dreams not only in one of the toughest businesses (the entertainment business) but in general... Check out our quick chat with Shayla below:

Which women in history have inspired you?

Aside from my mom, I would have to say Michelle Obama and Donna Langley.

What are your secrets to success?

Listen, think quick on your feet and always make sure you give 100%

What does girl power mean to you?

When you are able to support other women doing amazing things.

If you could use one word to describe your career journey, which word would you use?


What words of advice would you give about accomplishing dreams to younger generations coming up?

Find your passion. 


Once again, I would like to send a special thank you to Shayla for taking out time out of her busy schedule to chat with us! Hope you find inspiration from this and remember to always follow your dreams. From speaking with Shayla personally, I know for a fact that passion, hard work and being the best you can be can go a long way, she's proof! Now go out there and get it!

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Happy Women's History Month!