Women of the Future: BluHazl

There's nothing I love more than a lifestyle blog focused on beauty, fitness, fashion and culture and I get all mentioned when I visit BluHazl.com. 

BluHazl.com is a lifestyle blog founded and maintained by sisters, Laticia and D'Ana. These ladies are committed to inspiring women to live their best lives with their best friends. These ladies also choose to not only inspire online but inspire by means of their fabulous and exclusive networking events. 

I had a chance to chat with the ladies of BluHazl.com, Laticia and D'Ana, and ask them a few questions in honor of Women's History Month. Check out the interview below:

What made you start a website dedicated to sisterhood?

We started a website dedicated to sisterhood because women often times approached us saying, "I wish I had a sister like yours", or, "I wish my sister and I were close like you two." We come from a close-knit family of seven, and we were raised to honor and cherish our siblings. We learn so much from each other, from nutrition, to relationship advice to style, we don't know what we would do without each other. So as soon as D'Ana graduated culinary school at Johnson and Wales we started BluHazl, with the mission of sharing our passions that we share amongst one another, so that other women could feel apart of our sisterhood. - Blu

What role do you believe health and clean eating plays in womanhood?

Health, wellness and clean eating are the building blocks to creating a solid foundation for us women to be able to wake up every morning and feel powerful enough to take on the world. Clean eating is solely based upon knowing exactly what you're putting in your body to be utilized as fuel to get us through each day. Health and wellness go hand in hand. - Hazl

Which women from the past and future inspire you?

There are several women that inspire us. Our mother first and foremost, Nancy, has taught us how to be relentless and to always know your worth as a woman. To name a couple more inspirational women, Oprah, who is just all around goals, from businesswoman to philanthropist. And Mary Wollstonecraft, an advocate for women's rights, who was a true revolutionist  are two women we admire. - Hazl

What do you think women need to do more of to spread sisterhood?

We think women need to simply connect more and lead with an open mind in order to spread sisterhood. Networking and connecting is key when creating relationships. One must lead with an open mind. We as women need to be more open-minded in accepting other women, rather than being judgmental. Phenomenal things happen when incredible women unite. - BluHazl

You both recently put together a brunch in Atlanta dedicated to redefining sisterhood by connecting and empowering women, what was your motivation behind the event?

Our goal for BluHazl has always been to Redefine Sisterhood by connecting and empowering incredible women. March 12th, 2017 in Atlanta at the AC hotel Buckhead we did just that! #BrunchwithBluHazl is an experience curated by my sister and I to connect, empower and create an enjoyable experience for women to bond and create a sisterhood. Watching women connect, empower one another and having a good time while doing so was a dream come true. We are looking forward to our next #BrunchwithBluHazl in July. - Blu

If you could invite any woman from the past or present to brunch, who would it be?

Hands down, from the past we would invite Jackie Kennedy and Oprah to our brunch. We would love to sit and listen to Jackie Kennedy's truth as a woman during such a traumatic and monumental time as a first lady. And Oprah, if you're reading this, we would be honored to host a Super Soul Sunday Brunch, sisterhood inspired. - BluHazl

I would like to send a special thanks to the ladies of BluHazl, Laticia and D'Ana for taking the time out of their schedules to chat it up with me! Be sure to check out their blog www.bluhazl.com! You're going to love it!

Also be sure to check out the ladies for their Summer #BrunchwithBluHazl which will be the first weekend in July. This Atlanta event will be focused on and surrounding health and Wellness at the AC Hotel Buckhead!

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