Women of the Present: Ming Lee

When you think of Hair, Snobs, Atlanta, Girl Bosses, you GOTTA think of Ming Lee!

If you've been under a social media rock, and you don't have Instagram, Twitter or the internet let me let you know a little about Ming Lee.

She is the epitome of MAKING a way and using what you have now to get where you WANT to go. She in fact can always be heard saying, 'Start where you are right now', to encourage others to get up and get out and get what you deserve. 

Who: Ming Lee

How: She started with $500 and a dream. After graduating from Aveda hair school and being rejected by 42 hair salons she finally received her long awaited opportunity and she ran with it. She went from using a side hustle to help her make ends meet to owning a millionaire dollar company that is still growing. If you want to learn more about her story, you should check out a YouTube video she made a while back...


I briefly had the chance to chat with Ming Lee and ask her a few questions that I thought would be helpful to you guys... Check out her answers below:

What woman, past or present, has inspired you the most?

Ming Lee: As far as a woman that everyone knows, I would say, Beyonce. Her work ethic inspires me. She is so creative and hard working. But most importantly, my Gigi [grandmother] has inspired me the most. She taught me lessons like remain humble. She also taught me and personally showed through her life that hard work pays off. 

What is one tip would you give young women entrepreneur?

Ming Lee: To become an entrepreneur, it takes more discipline than money.

You have a new site coming out that you've been teasing fans with. What can we expect from your new relaunch of your site?

Ming Lee: My site will be launching Friday, March 17th. I've been working so hard on it. It'll be an all new SnobLife.com. With a new logo, new products, all hair will be restocked, I'll have new books to help others reach the successes that they are looking for and more. 

If you had to give one line to describe your brand, Snob Life, what would it be?

Ming Lee: There are levels to hair, welcome to the top floor.


Sending many thanks to Ming Lee for participating in our Women's History Month Campaign to shed light on all of the Girl Bosses out there making moves. For more on Ming Lee be sure to check out her website www.SnobLife.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/IAmMingLee

Twitter: twitter.com/IAmMingLee