Midnight Mint Martini

If you guys remember, when you were probably first introduced to me I was a bartender, probably your fav's favorite. So my friends always want me to make their drinks. Sometimes I like to switch it up for my guests and make them something that they probably haven't had before but I know that they would like. A friend of mine is a big fan of the candy, peppermint patties. So when we all got together the other night, I wanted to make my friend something I thought everyone would like but hadn't tried... It was a hit, so I wanted to share it with you all. 

I would describe this drink as smooth. Not too heavy, not too light. 

So enough talking, check out my recipe for an AMAZING Midnight Mint...


25 ml of Baileys Original Irish Cream

25 ml of your favorite vodka (don't use a flavored one)

25 ml of Creme de menthe

Hershey's Chocolate Sauce


If you're feeling super fancy, a few mint leaves for garnish and extra flavor


Throw a few ice cubes in your cocktail shaker 

Add in Baileys Original Irish Cream and creme de menthe into your shaker

Shake it until everything is mixed and it's a smooth looking liquid and your cocktail shaker feels cold.

Drizzle a light layer of Hershey's Chocolate Sauce in your martini glass 

Strain your mix into your glass

Drizzle literally 1 line or a little design on top of the mixture/drink

Add a mint leaf or 2 for garnish and a little flavor (optional)


It's the weekend, a perfect time for you to get with your friends, so try this drink out and let me know what you guys think.

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