Women of the Present: Sara Blakely - Self-Made Billionaire

Okay Ladies, this next Women of the Present is going to make you want to get in formation, and really quickly!

Spanx, everyone wears them... You, your mom, Kim Kardashian and pretty much every female Hollywood A-Lister owns a pair. Sometimes they help you get into that dress that you barely can fit in, it smoothes out any lines and it builds confidence, and most importantly IT WORKS! But do you know whose bright idea created these lifesavers...

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is the founder of Spanx and in 2012 became the youngest self-made female billionaire at the age of 41. She got the bright idea to create her product after wanting her butt to look better in white pants. So what did she do? She took $5,000 she had in savings from her job of selling fax machines, she wrote her own patent and she says that she begged manufactures to make a prototype. She then had the chance to meet with Neiman Marcus, gave a life demonstration because she truly wanted to seal the deal and this is pretty much how the life changing clothing item was conceived. 

When Sara spoke at the National Association of Professional Women's 2nd annual networking conference some of the tips that she shared were:

  • Visualize your goals
  • Don't Take No For An Answer
  • Figure It Out
  • Believe In Your Idea
  • Don't Be Afraid to Fail

We're happy to name Sara our Women of the Present!

"When women are given the chance and the opportunity, we can achieve a lot. We deliver. We can make the world a better place, one butt at a time." - Sara Blakely

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