Project Mama Turns 5 This Spring

Team Tahiry,

You know I'm super big on giving back. In fact, you can ask anyone on my team, whenever people approach me about doing business, I always want to know how it can benefit others or my fans first. This is why I have been working with Divasleading Inc. One of their initiatives is, Project Mama. Project Mama is a charity initiative hat provides support to maternity wards in my homeland, Dominican Republic. We have deliver essential items to under privileged pregnant women and new mothers.

I'm making this blog post to ask of your support as we prepare to celebrate our 5th anniversary for our initiative. You can help and support us by taking a look at our amazon wish list. It's so easy for you to support this way. If you want to help and join me in creating even more smiles in the Dominican Republic, to women that need our help, just click this link.

This year, we are planning to visit Barahona, Dominican Republic and other sectors near the Haitian border. Not to mention that there are still many displaced from the results of Hurricane Matthew that are in need of essential day-to-day items.

If you want to help, which I hope you do, you can reach out to us at or like I said before, donate via our Amazon wish list which can be found here or by searching using email address

I want to thank you all for hearing me out and for your support!

Let's help change some lives to those that really need our help. Pay it forward Team Tahiry. 

Tahiry Jose