Stick to Your Fitness Goals Even on the Weekend

We're approaching the weekend and I'm sure we are all mid-swing in accomplishing our fitness and weight goals. The weekends though can be a really tough time because usually it's when we unwind and get with our friends and family to celebrate the end of the work week. But the best way to stick to your fitness/weight loss goals is to be prepared. Here are a few tips that I use that help me stay on track...

  1. Eat Before You Go - One of the best tried and proven methods to stay on track when it comes to hanging out on the weekends, dinner and weekend brunches with friends is to eat a meal before you go. This way, you're more than likely full already and will be less likely to eat something bad or more than you really need to.
  2. Share A Plate - It sounds real back in the day when we were struggling lol but that's not the case. Not only is it smart financially, but this way you are less likely to overeat. It's been said that the standard American Dinner plate is actually yields a portion size for 2 people. So save the calories and the money!
  3. Get Your Exercise In Early - I know, I know, it's the weekend, so no one really wants to get up early, you rather sleep in. BUT, the earlier you schedule your workout the more likely you are to actually get it done. Sometimes when you plan to workout later, other plans can tend to get in the way. So stay committed and get it done early.
  4. Do ACTIVE Activities - So many times when we get with our friends it's over food. But instead, suggest going for a hike (depending on the weather of course) or doing something active. Skyzone is the world's first indoor trampoline park and I hear that it's not only fun, but an amazing workout! Locations are popping up all over the world, so head to their website and see where the nearest location to you is and give them a try!