Reasons I Got Me and You Should Have You

Team Tahiry,

I pride myself on being independent. In fact, being brought up in a Dominican household, I was taught that as a woman, I should always be self-sufficient and able to sustain a great way of life on my own. That's why I'm so proud of my collection with ServedFresh. I love graphic tee's and clothing with amazing sayings because I feel like it's a positive affirmation not only to show the world what you're about, but to remind yourself! Express yourself! Live what you believe! 

But I want to share why I got me and why I think that you should have you too! I just want to inspire you and let you know that it's absolutely okay to be confident and independent! In fact you should!!!

Why 'I Got Me'

  • Beyonce told us ladies, 'I'mma be my own best friend'. Do you remember Beyonce's song, Me, Myself and I'? This possibly could be some of the best advice we could have received in a song. At the end of the day, you have to love you before anyone else can. So always love you!


  • You can't always depend on others, but you can always depend on yourself and God. People make broken promises more than not, and most of the time it's not even on purpose. Sometimes people may drop the ball, they might not see your vision and what you really want and think is a priority, they might not feel the same way, resulting in them not coming through as promised. But as long as you got you and you are your #1 fan, that's really all that matters! You have to love, respect and believe in you first before you can expect anyone else to.


  • The most important relationship you can have is with yourself! It's impossible to love anyone else if you don't love yourself. So that's why I'm always going to work on my relationship with myself and God, because after all, I got me...

Show the world that you got you and wear it proudly!


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