First Week of January MUST's!!!

Happy New Year guys!!! This is one of my favorite times of the year because it means that we ALL get a fresh start, and who doesn't want another chance at making it happen. But in order to have a great, fresh start, you gotta start right... So I've decided to put some of my first week of January MUST! Try at least one of these and watch your year get off to a GREAT start!

1. Get those teeth together

I've noticed that the most neglected health care MUST is dental care. Make sure you book an appointment to get a cleaning. The beginning of the year is also a great time to consider getting the best smile ever. If you follow me on social media, you know that I'm big on keeping this smile together. If you're in the Tri State area, check out Cascada Dental Spa in NYC. They offer affordable oral care and if you're considering correcting your smile, they offer Invisalign consultations.

2. Invest in some physical training... Get that body together

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that getting it in at the gym is a MUST for me. Though I often work with personal trainers, I do realize that sometimes that isn't practical for everyone. But people we have to invest in ourselves if we want to see the best versions of ourselves. A great affordable option to a personal trainer, nutritionist and even a gym membership is to invest in a customized nutrition and workout plan. The beginning of January is a great time to take advantage of specials that some of the worlds top trainers offer. Check out Train It Right's lead personal trainer, Alicia Bell. She's worked with some of the BEST professional athletes and everyday women. See if you can work a nutrition and workout plan into your budget just to get you started.

3. Purchase a Planner

The person that fails to plan, plans to fail. The old proverb is true and you know it. Invest in a planner or tracker that will help you keep up with your schedule and stay on top of your goals. I know these days no one wants to necessarily carry around a planner like the ones we carried in school, but invest in an electronic option if that doesn't work for you. Also consider using a GUIDED planner. Six of 7 offers a 'Goal Killer' Planner that I think is a great investment to get your new year started off right... 

4. Plan a Spa Day

The New Year happens right in the dead of the winter, which means that our skin is probably screaming for some TLC right now. Why not plan to spend the day at the spa taking advantage of the atmosphere and service. Not only will it calm us down a bit mentally and help us reset, but we will leave looking flawless. Look up local beauty bars and spas online. Take a look at their services and book them for the beginning of January. Try out a holiday refresher facial, a massage or get your hair done. If you're in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, check out Pure Beauty Bar. At this new, hip beauty bar, you can get a facial, your hair done and lots more services. Look up a beauty bar or spa in your area to start your year off right.

5. Take a personal day

Mental health is important guys. So sometimes, you have to take a mental health day. If it was up to me, it would be a requirement to have one of these in January. So you've partied and had a great time bringing in the New Year, but what's next? That's what you decide on your personal day. Take a personal day to get your thoughts together, write out your goals and figure out how you're going to make them happen. 

These are my January 'Must Have's. Hope they're of some type of benefit to you... Drop a line below and let me know what you MUST do in January... Let's help each other. 

Tahiry Jose