5 'Oops I Forgot To Get You Something' Gifts



Okay lets face it. Sometimes we forget to get someone a gift... Between work and life, a girl can forget... BUT no worries, I have a list of the BEST gifts you can give at the last minute, or after the fact. The might even forget that you forgot LOL. 

1. Cosmetics

All girls need cosmetics and after Christmas, there are always plenty of sets available online and in your favorite stores at a discount price. Even at the drug store!! Cosmetics and gift cards to cosmetic stores are always a hit, any time of the year. 

2. iPhone (or any cell phone brand) Accessories

Pretty much everyone has an iPhone and we can all agree that the chargers SUCK! That's why you can never have enough. With that in mind, gift someone a charging set or headphones and we're sure the receiver of the gift will appreciate that!

3. Movie Theatre Gift Card/Tickets

It looks like 2017 will be full of great movies so why not gift your family and friends the gift of entertainment with gift cards or movie tickets.

4. Give the Gift of Music

If you know me, you know that music makes my world go 'round. With that in mind, I always feel that music is a great gift. It used to be CD's but these days it's downloads. Gift your family and friends an iTunes gift card and let the downloading of music (and apps) begin.

5. Amazon Gift Card for the Online Shopper in your Life.

Who doesn't love shopping online? The convenience is untouchable. Gift your family and friends an Amazon Gift Card... They'll completely forget that you forgot and you won't even have to leave your house! :-) 

What are your go to last minute or after the fact gifts?

Tahiry Jose