Exclusive: Shields vs. Gabriels Live on Showtime

Exclusive: Shields vs. Gabriels Live on Showtime


So I never in a million years thought I would ever be writing about this on my blog but that's why people always say, 'never say never'. In between doing stuff at the shop, hostings, photoshoots and all things Tahiry, I had the opportunity to go inside and behind the scenes of a world that many know about, but few have really taken the time to understand. I feel like if people did take the time to understand, and certain men put aside their chauvinistic ways, they would see how AMAZING and important the world of women's sports truly is. When you think of boxing, the first thing that may come to your mind is Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather... and then when you think of female boxers, probably the only boxer that everyone in the world can just roll off is Laila Ali (and she truly is a great athlete... one of the greats period)... But a young lady that is on the rise to becoming (if not already) the best female boxer of all time is a young lady by the name of Claressa Shields. 


Claressa Shields is a 2 time Olympic gold medalist, which already makes her one of the greats in the boxing world. She now is fighting as a professional fighter with 0 loses. out of her 5 wins, 2 of them have been by knockout. Tomorrow, Saturday, June 22nd at the Masonic Temple, Shields will be facing Hanna Gabriels, a Costa Rican boxer that is not only a professional athlete but a mother, wife and an athlete with several international victories. An on looker with no real knowledge of the world of boxing may think this will be a breeze for Shields, but Gabriels is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Fighting 20 fights, with 18 of them being wins and 11 by knockout, the fight tomorrow is guaranteed to be a must see. 


But Shields vs. Gabriels won't be the only highlight of the night. Much talk is surrounding 7 years undefeated Unified Middleweight World Champion Christina Hammer. Hammer, who makes her USA debut, is scheduled to fight Former WBC Middleweight Champion Tori Nelson tomorrow night as well. 


What I've learned from taking a behind the scenes view of this sport is that these matches are just as, if not more important than any male boxing match! I was so inspired to see women speaking highly of each other, despite previous losses, and working hard to be the best. Tori Nelson took her first loss to Claressa Shields, but she said that she was honored to do so. This really stood out to me because we live in a world where women are constantly trying to one up each other and tear each other down. Instead of taking L's like a real one, most women want to clown the other or tear each other down. But I didn't notice this much during a press conference held surrounding the fight. Instead, Nelson viewed her loss as a lesson by saying, "... in order to find out that you're the best you have to fight the best... she [Clarissa] showed me she was [the best]." 


The press conference also reenforced to me that women are the BEST at just about everything!!! And it's so beautiful to see us do things with positivity. Even though Hanna Gabriels is set to fight Claressa Shields, with hopes of beating her, she spoke nothing but positivity over her life and to her. Respect.

Most importantly, and what I want every little girl and woman to learn and cultivate which was so evident in my girl Claressa Shields is CONFIDENCE!!! This girl is the epitome of confidence! She knows that she is the best and she puts in the hard work to be the best.

Ladies and gents, please do yourself a favor and tune in to Showtime or if you're in Detroit head down to the Masonic Temple for the Salita Promotions "Shields vs Gabriels" professional boxing event Friday, June 22nd. 


Be sure to follow the ladies on social media!

Claressa Shields @ClaressaShields

Hanna Gabriels @hannagabrielsoficial

Christina Hammer @ladyhammer_official

Tori Nelson @torishonuff




Get Ready for Summer with Celebrity Trainer Alicia Bell

Get Ready for Summer with Celebrity Trainer Alicia Bell

Hey guys! 

I'm back and just as I promised with better content than ever! I was able to sit down with Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Figure Champion, Alicia Bell. I know Alicia from being a personal trainer and for training some of your favorite athletes, actors and entertainers. Alicia gave me so much information that I had to interview her and share some of her tips with you!


If you go to www.TrainItRight.com or Instagram.com/TrainItRight she basically needs no introduction...

Check out my interview with her below,,,

1. Summer is pretty much a month away, and so many of us aren't ready, what are some simply things we can start doing now to look our best and be healthy?

You can easily make changes that will help you see a difference and be and feel more healthy by cleaning up your diet by adding more micronutrients like green vegetables. Also drink more water, it speeds up the metabolism and keeps you from holding water weight. Try getting outside and moving even if its for a 10-15 minute walk it gets blood flowing and revs the metabolism.

2. What are your thoughts on working outdoors in the summer?

Outdoor workouts are great! You get vitamin D which has so many benefits and it can be fun for the whole family. Try a family walk, hike or bike ride.

3. Summer is known for sundresses and cute Fashion Nova fits. What are some things ladies can do to maintain their curves while still slimming down?

I know most women are intimidated by this but lift weights. Don’t just do cardio. Strength training will give you the curves you want. Don't worry it won’t make you bulky.


4. What are your favorite go to summer fruits and foods?

I have so many! Cucumber and lemon in water just to start with. And Kiwi - Did you know it has more vitamin C than an orange?

Also, BBQ anything - BBQ at high heat because it cooks off fats and makes your protein taste delicious.

5. Is It too late to work on our summer bodies?

It’s never too late to get started!



For more tips and to get started on your summer body, you can reach out to Alicia Bell on www.TrainItRight.com. Alicia offers eating plans, workout plans and online coaching!!!

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Review: Kanye West - Ye

Review: Kanye West - Ye

With all of the controversy surrounding Kanye (and his family i.e. Kim Kardashian), sometimes we forget about the music. Over the years Kanye has given us some solid work. But it did seem like for a brief moment he sent us through a detour of which a lot of his fans just didn't seem to understand. Well, if you're a fan of 'old' Kanye, the Kanye that brought you The College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation, I've got good news for you...

The Review

To me, this album just shows the genius of Kanye West and why we liked him in the first place. Anics aside, this album is a SOLID body of work. The first track grabs your attention and gives a little peek into what some may call, ' his twisted mind'. From there, it's pretty rock solid production and catchy lyrics that fans will be reciting from here out. Somehow, even the features (Jeremiah, Ty Dolla $ign and others) worked out for me. Even with it only being 7 tracks I would say this is a solid body of work. 

Fav Track: "Yikes"

Least Fav Track: "Ghost Town"

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June 1st - 6 More Months To Go

June 1st - 6 More Months To Go

Hey Team Tahiry,

So I wanted to check in with you guys and give you updates, share some stuff with you and see what is going on with you guys out there. I'm really trying to curate content that I think will be useful for you guys, but it can be tough. Between still getting the shop where it needs to be, my bookings and still trying to fit in some time for my friends and family it gets tough... But hey! We're all doing the same thing essentially and all trying to make it... But I wanted to check in with you guys to give my tips and advice for getting through the 2nd half of the year...

If things haven't been going exactly how you envisioned for things to be for you starting on January 1st, don't fret. Instead, reevaluate. I want you guys to spend today just thinking about what you set out to do in 2018 that you haven't done yet... It's okay if you haven't. You still have 6 more months, and 6 months is a long time to go. If you've been slacking like crazy then it's really time to buckle down and super go time for you... 

But as far as the blog, what would you all like me to focus on for the rest of 2018? Health & Fitness? Music? Movies? Fashion? Entertainment news? Dating & Relationships? Advice? Recipes?

Drop me a line on IG and let me know! Let's conquer the last 6 months! It's not too late to make 2018 YOUR YEAR!!!



Review: Bodied Sport Wear

Review: Bodied Sport Wear


Hey Team Tahiry!

So I'm writing this blog on my flight back from Detroit. Sidebar, Detroit thank you for the constant love! You guys always come out and show so much love. But, back to the review, I had told a friend of mine that between the constant traveling for my tour and some stress from personal situations, I was finding it hard to get back in the gym. That same friend of mine suggested one of my favorite things, SHOPPING. I never got around to it but I received a package in the mail and sure enough it had workout clothes. She recently hit me and told me about a flash sale from a company called Bodied Wear. She said that she thought if she bought me some new workout clothes that it might inspire me to workout. She sent me 2 items. She ordered the Farrah Capris and a Lianne Tank... Nothing major, just a simple outfit. Excited to try them out, I packed them for my trip to Detroit. Thankfully, the hotel I stayed in had a great gym so I threw on my new outfit and did a workout... So let's get down to the review...

Ladies, I would definitely suggest Bodied Sport! The items I have were great, especially for the price my friend paid. So let's review the Farrah Capri's. I like these because the material felt GREAT! And the fit was perfect. These workout leggings are true to size and when I was doing my squats I found that I didn't have to tug and pull the pants up, not even one time. They stayed right in place. The material was soft and had a great stretch to them and they fit my curves without making me feel self-conscious. If anything, they made my butt look amazing. 


As far as the Lianne Tank, it was a great buy. A lot of times I have to pull my shirt down when I'm doing certain exercises because they tend to rise. This too stayed right in place. 


I would definitely suggest these items. I can't speak for ALL of their items, but the items that my friend so graciously ordered for me to work out in were great. It gave me confidence and the extra push I needed because they looked so good on that it made me want to go to the gym and on top of that they were super functional. 

I look forward to trying out more of their items and maybe I'll review them in the future.


Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

Okay! So, I know I'm a little late but between the shop and getting everything together for my birthday, I haven't had much time to for anything else. I had a little time between flights and hosting and I thought to myself, why not go see a movie. I wanted to go see something that I thought no one else would be seeing in the middle of the day, so I decided to go see 'I Feel Pretty'. I didn't really know what the movie was about, but the topic intrigued me and the billboard featured Amy Schumer so I thought let me give it a try. If anything, I would be able to review the movie for you guys and tell you to not see it or to go see it. But after seeing it, I'm going to have to say GO SEE THIS MOVIE LADIES!!! There was a huge message that I think is worth hearing. If you have any young ladies in your life (like your daughters, nieces, sisters or best friend) I think it's worth a shot. The message in this movie is one that all women need to see, hear and UNDERSTAND. It was conveyed in a comical manner, and that makes it even more worth seeing. 

The movie definitely reminded me of Shallow Hal in a way, but completely different. I'm going to leave the trailer at the bottom of this blog, but Team Tahiry, if you have time, definitely go see this while it's in theaters. Especially if you're not feeling the best about yourself, you just went through a breakup so you're not feeling anything or you struggle with a lack of confidence.

In today's world I've noticed everyone wants to look a certain way, or women are insecure. That is why this movie is well needed and should be a requirement for all women to see. You know I'm all about women empowerment (and one of the actual females that speaks about it and TRULY believes in it... no shade tho) so trust me when I tell you, if you apply the message that's being given in this movie to your life, you will feel empowered! If you're wondering if you should go after a certain job, or talk to that guy, or you think you're too fat or too tall or just whatever, go see this movie and you may have a different outlook.

So overall, I would label this movie as a must see for women. Check out the trailer and it's Friday so it's a great day to go check out a movie!

It's Not Too Late

It's Not Too Late

Photo Credits:
Makeup: Tai @tai_invidi
Hairstylist: WhoisLae @lustlanestyles

It's MAY 1ST!!! Where did time go?! Not to mention, it's almost my birthday, May 5th!!! Are you guys ready for my birthday tour? I'll most likely be coming to a city near you so check out the image at the end of this post... But let's get to the main topic of MAY 1st!

It's a new month! You know what that means? It's time to smash the goals that you maybe didn't hit in the previous month. What's so crazy tho is that at the end of this month, we hit the 6 month mark for the year. Remember those goals that you set for yourself in January? The goals that were: I'm gonna get in shape, I'm gonna get healthy, I'm gonna lose some weight, I'm gonna ask for that raise, I'm gonna get my debt down. Well my question to you is, 'where are you with those?' For the average person, you haven't hit them. But that's no reason to get down on yourself. Right now, you need to take advantage of the next 30 days. You need to go into grind mode! Now, this is difficult for me because it's my birthday month! So I'm kinda in straight party mode. But my goal is to not let my birthday overshadow my entire month of progress. So I write this goal to encourage you guys to give this month all you've got! Summer is just days away (June 21st to be exact) and June is that halfway mark. So let's get to it folks! 

I personally would suggest referring to my previous post how to make your dreams and goals a reality, but I'll continue to speak about that during this month ofcourse because we're going to do this together! 

So make the most of the month of May. It's a special month! It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!! But most importantly, it's that special month where you're going to buckle down and make it happen for yourself! As I said in my previous post, this blog is going to help you hit those goals, so tell friend to tell a friend to check into TahiryOnline.com on the regular!!!

Now about my birthday tour... here are the dates, how to see you in a city near you!!


TahiryOnline.com Blog Revamp

TahiryOnline.com Blog Revamp


Hey guys,

So first I want to say thank you to all of you that have been tuned in to my site. If you haven't noticed, there isn't a full blown staff with a ton of writers running the site. Between my new shop (check out 718 Hoboken in New Jersey!!!... shameless plug), hostings/bookings and other business adventures, it gets tough. Not to mention, I have a life, family and friends so it's tough doing everything. However, I've decided that I want to make a conscious decision to keep this blog posted and updated and to connect with my supporters while gaining a few more. I want everyone to know that you aren't the only person struggling, trying to save money or/and get out of debt (hey Y2K Credit Solutions) , trying to lose weight, trying to get a man and keep a man, being cheated on, trying to figure out what to wear and what would look best... ETC!

Everything you're going through, someone else has either gone through it or currently going through it. That's what I'm realizing about life more and more and more. So! With all of that being said, I want to know what you guys want to talk about! What kind of content are you looking for? What are you currently working on or struggling with that you would like advice on or just wanna hear about? That's what I want these blogs to be about. 

So, I'll be revamping the site very soon. Starting in the month of May, I'm going to make sure the site is more focused to what you all want to hear/read, but I need to know. So drop me a line in the comments section of my IG and let me know. I'll have a special post where I ask you all, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW. Go there and drop a line. Even if you can't think of anything right now, come back later and drop a line...

But things you can look forward to:

  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Expert interviews 
  • Dating and relationship advice
  • Fitness tips (not just from me but experts)
  • Career advice (not just from me but from some pretty cool and successful people)
  • Recipes
  • Lifestyle stuff
  • Overall good content!

So look forward to some awesomeness coming your way in May and going forward. I'm not perfect. I'm human! So work with me folks! 



Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Not too long ago, think 4 months ago, I opened up my first store front business. 718 Hoboken. At first, I don't think anyone knew it was mine. Opening up this shop has been one of the most challenging things I have done thus far. More challenging than living my life out in public on television, more challenging than going through a breakup, more challenging than acting classes and then acting, more challenging than pretty much anything.

I've always considered myself an entrepreneur, but this is true entrepreneurship. You're probably thinking, oh Tahiry just puts her name on this and that's it... NO! Completely opposite. I'm scheduling appointments, responding to inquiries, washing towels, opening up the shop, closing up the shop, doing EVERYTHING! On my own!!! I have a great supportive staff and some of the best nail techs in New Jersey, but that doesn't negate from the fact that I've never done this before and it's hard. 

After being sick and realizing I couldn't fight it anymore, I had a doctor's visit, I was told that I needed to be on bed rest. That I should be laying down for a few days and resting, but honestly, how can I do that when I know I have a full business to run and support. I'm literally supposed to be in bed relaxing, but I'm up thinking about things that I have to do for both my business and my brand... Not to mention, MYSELF! 

I know I usually have a list of things that can help someone, but I don't have one today... All I have is some words of advice: keep going and overcome the challenges. That's what I'm telling myself and that's what I want to share with all of the other entrepreneurs!!!

Keep going! Remember, you gotta have you!



Drake Makes A Song For Working Women

Drake Makes A Song For Working Women

He did it again!!! Drake broke the internet today with his new song, 'Nice For What'. This song is for every hard working woman out there just trying to make it on her own! It's not corny, it's not cliche, it's REAL!!! The video is even better! It features so many boss women such as Tiffany Haddish, Rashida Jones, Issa Rae, Misty Copeland, Tracee Ellis Ross, Michelle Rodriguez and more! No point in me saying any more. Watch Drake's visual to his new song, 'Nice For What' below!!!