TahiryOnline.com Blog Revamp

TahiryOnline.com Blog Revamp


Hey guys,

So first I want to say thank you to all of you that have been tuned in to my site. If you haven't noticed, there isn't a full blown staff with a ton of writers running the site. Between my new shop (check out 718 Hoboken in New Jersey!!!... shameless plug), hostings/bookings and other business adventures, it gets tough. Not to mention, I have a life, family and friends so it's tough doing everything. However, I've decided that I want to make a conscious decision to keep this blog posted and updated and to connect with my supporters while gaining a few more. I want everyone to know that you aren't the only person struggling, trying to save money or/and get out of debt (hey Y2K Credit Solutions) , trying to lose weight, trying to get a man and keep a man, being cheated on, trying to figure out what to wear and what would look best... ETC!

Everything you're going through, someone else has either gone through it or currently going through it. That's what I'm realizing about life more and more and more. So! With all of that being said, I want to know what you guys want to talk about! What kind of content are you looking for? What are you currently working on or struggling with that you would like advice on or just wanna hear about? That's what I want these blogs to be about. 

So, I'll be revamping the site very soon. Starting in the month of May, I'm going to make sure the site is more focused to what you all want to hear/read, but I need to know. So drop me a line in the comments section of my IG and let me know. I'll have a special post where I ask you all, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW. Go there and drop a line. Even if you can't think of anything right now, come back later and drop a line...

But things you can look forward to:

  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Expert interviews 
  • Dating and relationship advice
  • Fitness tips (not just from me but experts)
  • Career advice (not just from me but from some pretty cool and successful people)
  • Recipes
  • Lifestyle stuff
  • Overall good content!

So look forward to some awesomeness coming your way in May and going forward. I'm not perfect. I'm human! So work with me folks! 



Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Not too long ago, think 4 months ago, I opened up my first store front business. 718 Hoboken. At first, I don't think anyone knew it was mine. Opening up this shop has been one of the most challenging things I have done thus far. More challenging than living my life out in public on television, more challenging than going through a breakup, more challenging than acting classes and then acting, more challenging than pretty much anything.

I've always considered myself an entrepreneur, but this is true entrepreneurship. You're probably thinking, oh Tahiry just puts her name on this and that's it... NO! Completely opposite. I'm scheduling appointments, responding to inquiries, washing towels, opening up the shop, closing up the shop, doing EVERYTHING! On my own!!! I have a great supportive staff and some of the best nail techs in New Jersey, but that doesn't negate from the fact that I've never done this before and it's hard. 

After being sick and realizing I couldn't fight it anymore, I had a doctor's visit, I was told that I needed to be on bed rest. That I should be laying down for a few days and resting, but honestly, how can I do that when I know I have a full business to run and support. I'm literally supposed to be in bed relaxing, but I'm up thinking about things that I have to do for both my business and my brand... Not to mention, MYSELF! 

I know I usually have a list of things that can help someone, but I don't have one today... All I have is some words of advice: keep going and overcome the challenges. That's what I'm telling myself and that's what I want to share with all of the other entrepreneurs!!!

Keep going! Remember, you gotta have you!



Drake Makes A Song For Working Women

Drake Makes A Song For Working Women

He did it again!!! Drake broke the internet today with his new song, 'Nice For What'. This song is for every hard working woman out there just trying to make it on her own! It's not corny, it's not cliche, it's REAL!!! The video is even better! It features so many boss women such as Tiffany Haddish, Rashida Jones, Issa Rae, Misty Copeland, Tracee Ellis Ross, Michelle Rodriguez and more! No point in me saying any more. Watch Drake's visual to his new song, 'Nice For What' below!!!

Social Media Etiquette When In A Relationship Pt. 1

Social Media Etiquette When In A Relationship Pt. 1

I was talking to my boy Aaron and we got on the topic of social media and relationships and the question was raised, 'When in a relationship, if someone of the opposite sex compliments you should you respond and should you keep liking or double tapping pics of someone that has expressed interest in you even though you're currently in a relationships?'

We kinda went around the room and gave our opinions, but I wanted to bring the conversation to my blog and share my thoughts. I've composed a list of 'Don'ts' for social media when you're in a relationship. Let me know what you think? Maybe we can talk about it next wednesday on Real Talk With Tahiry'. So here we go:

#1. Don't flirt or even keep responding to someone that has expressed interest in you while you're in a serious relationship.

This is #1 because I think this gets violated so easily and so much. It's easy to just talk to someone on social media and at first not think anything of it. But if someone is like 'hey you look good' or 'nice smile' and you're in a relationship. You need to ignore it or say thank you and keep moving on. You don't need to keep going back and forth back and forth because innocent conversation is what often times leads to CHEATING. I'm for real guys. So say your thank you and keep it moving or simply keep it moving.

#2 Don't keep double tapping the pics of your ex or someone that you know for a fact likes you.

You know we all look at those notifications and you know you light up when that special someone has liked your picture so stop playing. Something as simple as hitting the little heart on IG can make the person that posted the pic feel you might be into them. If someone feels that you might be feeling them, they're more likely to want to engage further and before you know it, they're catching feelings. Avoid that by simply scrolling or if it's your ex, just hit that unfollow button.

#3 When you enter into a new relationship, delete pics of you and your ex bae.

It just comes down to respect. Ladies you know you would feel some type of way if you seen your current bae hugged up with his ex bae on IG. So you knoooooow a guy would feel tight if he seen that on your page. I know you probably look beyond cute, but delete the pic and create new memories with your new bae. It's only fair.

#4 Unfollow your ex

Yes hit that unfollow button and don't look back. If you see pics of someone you used to be involved with, it might make you feel some type of way and old memories may come back and you might get caught up thinking about your ex while you're in a new situation and then your new situation won't flourish the way it really should. Just believe me.

#5 Don't engage in negative talk with your ex or your currents ex

We see it ALL the time on the Shade Room and I believe we've talked about it here. Leave your ex alone and leave your current bae's ex alone too!!!! Just stay away from the drama. Both equal drama, drama and more drama. And worse than that, you just look dumb and insecure. LET. IT. GO. BOO!!! LOL

Well here are my social media etiquette DON'T's when in a relationship... Share yours with me on IG, Twitter or Facebook. You know how to find me @TheRealTahiry



I'm Not Where I Think I Should Be

I'm Not Where I Think I Should Be

So... I went back and forth with typing the title of this blog a few times... At first I titled it, 'I'm Not Where I Should Be'. Then I titled it, I'm Not Where I Want To Be'. Then I made it, 'I'm Not Where I Should Be' again... Then I finished writing the blog and settled with 'I'm Not Where I Should Be'... Read on to see why...

Happy April guys... As my project manager Charles would say, 'we've entered into the second quarter of the year... What are you going to do?'. Now if you're a basketball fan like myself, you may liken your life or year to a basketball game. The first quarter is when you come out and you're sizing up your opponent, pretty much seeing what you're going to deal with but you come out of the gate strong. But the second quarter is where you're still establishing the tempo for the game and still sizing up your opponent. I see my opponent as my goals and my milestones. So Sunday I spent the morning pretty much sizing up my goals and milestones. If you follow me on Instagram I shared with you all that I woke up feeling anxious. I woke up with anxious thoughts, thinking to myself when am I going to have my first child, have I met my soulmate yet, what's going on with my career? I know I'm not the only one thinking this but sometimes I truly feel like I'm the only person going through something. When I look around it LOOKS like everyone has it all together, but I know that sometimes our perceptions of things aren't necessarily the realities. Sometimes I wish I could just look into a crystal ball and see exactly how things will end up, but... That's definitely not how it goes. 

In the game of basketball, after halftime (known as the third quarter in the NBA), is when you absolutely need to bring it. You've had a break, you've had a moment to adjust your strategy or scratch it and come up with an entire new way to win the game. Ladies (and gents), that's sometimes what you have to do to get through this game called life. You have to take a halftime break and truly adjust your strategy or come up with an entirely different plan of action to get to where you're supposed to be. We all want to be winners, we all want to be happy, but you can't win at something that you don't plan for. And in all reality, sometimes you can plan and plan and things don't go as planned. It doesn't mean you're a failure, it just means that you have to readjust your thinking and readjust period, so you can be ready for the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter is where you go all out. You have to maintain a level of poise and grace, but you still have to be in beast mode to truly make it happen. Ladies, I'm not saying you should go 'all out' to find you a man, but you should go 'all out' towards your goals. I often wonder should I be married right now, or why haven't I had a baby, but, I have to channel that energy into controlling the controllables. I may not be able to control how a man sees me or if he wants to marry me, but I can control the effort I put into getting my business off the ground or growing my brand. So when I have these crazy feelings and anxiety trys to take over, I realize that I need to take a time out, make it to halftime and readjust so that I can win in the fourth quarter of this game called life. 

If it were supposed to be easy, everyone would be successful and all of the 'what if's' and 'why's' would be answered... But it's not. So guess what I'm gonna do and I suggest you do the same... Keep striving, keep grinding and keep at it trying to win at this game called life.



Unofficial Q&A With Tahiry: He Won't Kiss Me

Unofficial Q&A With Tahiry: He Won't Kiss Me

Since my last Unofficial Q&A With Tahiry post on my blog, you guys have been going crazy in my DM's with questions. I appreciate it tho, that you all value my opinion. If you know me, you know one thing I've experienced is love, break-ups, heartbreak and all things relationships.

So here we go with todays question:

Hi Tahiry, 
I just wanna say I loved you on Love & Hip-Hop and they need to bring you back. But anyway, I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now and I decided to let things go to the next level. It was clear that things were headed to the bedroom and I was cool with that. But what I wasn't cool with was that he wouldn't kiss me! He was feeling on me and making me feel amazing but every time I would try to kiss him he would turn his head. He would kiss all on my face and lick on me, but he would NOT KISS ME IN THE MOUTH. I don't understand why. Was my breath bad? Did he think my mouth was nasty? What? I need advice on how to handle this. The sex was great, but I just can't get over that he wouldn't kiss me. HELP!
- Kissless not Kisses (Names have been changed to protect my followers/fans)

So happy you thought to ask me! So sweetheart, this is actually normal in todays day and age. It's a lot of guys that don't kiss, but it usually describes where and how he sees you honestly. Now the kissing and licking all over the face... It can be a bit much. But let's just dissect this situation. So, normally I would say, he isn't kissing you because it's just a hookup and he's probably not into you enough to actually want a relationship with you. Harsh, but in a lot of cases this is simply the truth. But because you all have been seeing each other for a few weeks now, with no sex, there is something about you that he likes, and he's probably trying to cultivate a relationship with you. I doubt it was your breath, because no one can stand to be around a person in that type of intimate setting, that has bad breath. PERIOD! So what could be happening is that he's just not into kissing. He may really be into you but he just doesn't kiss. It might be an insecurity on his end. Maybe he doesn't know how or has received complaints in the past. Maybe he just doesn't like to kiss. How old is he? Sometimes older guys think that licking and doing the most is what you want. Then sometimes younger guys can be so used to not kissing because they're just hooking up with girls, that they forget, or they just don't do it. But I think, that if you are willing to sleep with a person and/or give them what they want, they should be willing to do the same. Relationships should NEVER under any circumstance and no matter what kind, be one sided. I would suggest that you really initiate it. So before things get to hot and heavy and you're both thinking of just the same one thing, try to initiate four-play that involves kissing. Or how about at the end of date night you just end everything with a kiss on the lips. If he still seems uncomfortable, talk to him about it. Say something like, "you know, I noticed that you don't want to kiss me, why?" Make sure you ask an open ended question to get to the root of things. If you ask something like, "do you not like kissing?" it's just going to be a yes or no, and it can make it easier for him to lie. But if you ask him an open ended question, you can really see what he's thinking and can kind of determine if this was something innocent that he's telling you the truth about, or if he is bs'ing you.

I hope this advice helps.

Ladies and gents, you all have SOOOOO many questions that I decided to have another Real Talk With Tahiry soon. When I have one on Instagram live, you can ask your questions there and I can give my honest answers.. I'll have details on my IG page for when I'm doing the next Real Talk With Tahiry. Until then, keep checking out the blog, I'll be answering some more of you guys questions. I might even open up my email and dedicate a question every week to answer.

Have a great and productive week!



March For Our Lives

March For Our Lives


Today I stand in solidarity with the men and women, young and old, marching today to end gun violence. This senseless shooting has got to stop, and it doesn't stop by adding more guns. Instead, we need gun control and to do everything we can do to end all of these mass shootings. 

I'm traveling for work today, but I am supporting by watching live on Facebook today at noon. Visit marchforourlives.com and use the hashtag #MarchForOurLives






Food For Thought: Why You Need To Be Concerned About Credit

Food For Thought: Why You Need To Be Concerned About Credit


I know you've seen my post about credit. Recently I've been working with Andy at Y2K Credit Solutions to get the word out about the importance of credit, how to build credit and (what's important to most of you all you all) HOW TO FIX CREDIT.

I chose this topic to talk about on my blog today because a friend of mine called me in tears because she was at her wits end with her credit situation. So her story goes a little something like this... She was planning a business trip to try to go networking and meet with potential vendors and new business partners out of town. She knew that by simply renting a car, she would have access to more places because she could simply drive wherever and whenever she needed to go and it was would be flat out CHEAPER to rent a car than to uber everywhere she needed to go for the weekend out of town. She went through the entire process or renting the car online, she had what she described as an amazing rate. When she touched down in the city she was visiting, she got on the airport shuttle to the car rental place, stood in the long line and was ready to rent her car. She had all of the money she needed for her rental and she even made sure she kept extra in her account to cover a deposit. The card she used though was a debit card because she had stopped using credit cards ever since her credit went to crap... To her surprise, the receptionist at the car rental company said, 'since you're paying with a debit card, we're going to need to do a soft credit check'. She immediately got nervous because a month prior she wasn't approved for a car even though she had the proof of the income needed, so she knew her credit was pretty bad...  Needless to say, she failed the soft credit check and was unable to rent the car. Here she is out of town and her plan to change her life by networking and meeting the right people was already falling a part less than an hour after getting off the plane. She ended up having to take her bags, ride the car rental shuttle back to the airport and ubering to her hotel and ubering everywhere that she could because she couldn't get a car rental from anywhere. She ended up spending WAY MORE MONEY than planned and her trip got off to a rough start. Now, I'm not telling her story to embarrass her (this is why I haven't said her name, won't say her name), but I'm sharing this story to raise awareness.

Credit is everything

Let me say it one more time...


And let me say it one more time for those that are hardheaded, don't listen and on their way to also being embarrassed... 


When I'm giving out tips about credit and how to build credit and fix your credit and doing Real Talk's with my friends over at Y2K Credit Solutions, I'm not just doing it for another promo. I'm doing it because I really want to help people. One thing I've learned is that cash is king but credit is life changing. If you have good credit, you can literally get anything. You can get that house you want, you can drive that car you want, you can even get that DREAM JOB at that company that is going to pay you your worth and what you truly want (see you didn't know that a lot of jobs run your credit before officially giving you the position). 

Ladies and gentlemen I just want to help you guys out. A lot of us weren't told by our parents the importance of credit. Shoot, I know people that got a bad start because their parents messed up their credit by putting things in their names! Or maybe your parents tried to tell you but you just didn't listen... Either way. Please care about your credit.

If you want to learn more about credit visit my page on Instagram. I have so many tips that I've come up with on there. And if you're serious about making sure you make the right decisions or FIXING your credit, contact Y2K Credit Solutions. This isn't a gimmick, or one of those things where it's like WE WILL WIPE YOUR CREDIT AND GIVE YOU A PERFECT CREDIT SCORE. This is the real deal. Not a ploy just to make some extra bucks... It takes WORK to fix your credit, and Y2K Credit Solutions can help you. I'm not just pushing them for a personal benefit. If I knew of another reliable company I would mention them. But I'm not about to just push any company because they pay for a promo and it doesn't help Team Tahiry. Not when it comes to something as serious as this! As I've stated several times, I can personally say that Y2K Credit Solutions helped me fix my credit. Now I'm able to do more financially and they've equipped me with knowledge so that I can now make more sound decisions. 

So think about it guys... If you have any credit questions, hit up @y2k_creditsolutions on IG. If you're serious about making some changes, give them a call for a free consultation at 877-552-1377.

I hope this helps somebody... Seriously 


Walk It Talk It Video - Migos feat Drake

Walk It Talk It Video - Migos feat Drake

So unless you've been living under a rock and have no idea who this group is, you too are probably a fan of Migos. They recently released their video for their radio hit, 'Walk It Talk It' featuring Drake.

The video features the HILARIOUS Jamie Foxx and is an ode to the cultures old school fan, Soul Train, or should I say SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUULLLLLLLLLL TRAAAAAAIIINNNNNNNNN.

This song (and pretty much the entire Culture II album)  is not only on my getting ready playlist but definitely on my workout playlist. I think it's one you should add to yours to really help you break a sweat and get your heart rate going. 

Check it out! 

Out of the Ordinary Date Night Ideas

Out of the Ordinary Date Night Ideas

It's Friday! It's Friday! Or maybe... It's Saturday! It's Saturday!! or IT'S ANY DAY! LOL

But seriously guys, maybe it's the weekend, or maybe you work on the weekends and it's a weekday and your significant other suggests a date night. Or maybe you want to plan a date night, but you just don't know what to do... Well here is where I come in with some great tips and ideas for date night.

Date night doesn't always have to be super sappy and traditionally romantic to actually be fun and a night to remember... Check out these great date night ideas.


1. Netflix and CHILL

Yes! I said it! If you work as much as I do or pretty much everyone I know, you know how valuable a night in actually is. When you've worked 40 plus hours a week, add in your commute to and from work and yeah, you're basically spending NO time at home. So the chance to just relax at your house or just with your significant other, sounds amazing. Order in (uber eats, pizza, chinese) plug up your apple TV and find a great movie on Netflix to snuggle up with your lover and watch an amazing movie! I guarantee you if your significant other is as busy as you, they'll love the quality time with you RELAXING. (This idea is also perfect for anyone on a budget... I'm just saying.)


2. Prepare Dinner

Going out to eat can be great. You can order off of a menu, you get catered to, there is no clean up, etc. But that can be BORING if that's what you're always doing... How about you prepare a surprise dinner for bae. Think about your menu, maybe even talk to your bestie about what you can prepare and head to the grocery store. Now for this, you don't want to do too much. So don't put too much thought into what you're going to wear and 'doing the most'. Instead, focus on relaxing, talking and making the best meal. Head over to your significant others house and get your cook on! Enjoy the conversation while you prepare the meal. This can be a great bonding moment. Not only are you showing off your cooking skills, but you're showing that you actually CARE because you did something that takes effort. Try it.


3. Outdoor Picnic

If you're in the NYC area like myself, an outdoor picnic might not be the best idea in March, maybe you should wait until next month, but for my west coasters, this is a great idea right now!! Pack up a picnic basket (or maybe even just grab some McDonalds :-p ) and a blanket and head out to the park! Once again, this is something out of the ordinary and something that your significant other will forever remember. It's special. 


4. Head to Eventbrite.com

Yes I said Eventbrite.com! Why? Because there are so many events going on in your area locally that you wouldn't even know about and did I mention some of them are free? There are plays, there are dinner-dances, brunches, luncheons, festivals, seminars and just tons and tons of events that are waiting for you and your significant other to attend. Try it.

game night.jpg

5. Game night with other couples

Most likely, you have friends and your significant others have plans. Sometimes you can get so caught up in your relationship that it crowds out your friends a bit and you're not spending as much time with them. Or maybe you've been so busy with work and your responsibilities that you don't have time for anyone and you have to try to multitask. What better way than a game night with not only the person you're dating, but your friends and even family. Host the next game night and enjoy the laughs and fun!

So here are a few of my out of the ordinary date night ideas... Share yours on my IG page @TheRealTahiry