The Checklist: Recap

The Checklist: Recap

So here we go… I’m about to be very vulnerable with you guys and really let you know what’s up.

So as you may or may not know, this past Saturday I had the opportunity to star in ‘The Checklist’ an amazing play that I truly wish you all could have seen. It was so nerve-wracking and I was so scared and totally didn’t want to do it, but that’s why I went in head first and accomplished my goal. Believe it or not, I’m kinda shy and I have stage fright. Yeah you read that right, your girl Tahiry is SHY and has a hard time doing what I love most, which is acting, in front of a live audience. Yes I’ve done movies before and yes you probably know me from TV, but that’s just so completely different. I’m so happy though that I had this opportunity to act in front of a live audience and star in this play because it really helped prove to me that anything that I can put my head to, I can do that sh!+. But when I tell you it’s been trying!!!! Try running a business ON YOUR OWN (more on that later) and working on a play every day! Before, I had the role of an understudy but this time I actually starred in the play, so it took so much more dedication than before. It took hours of reading the script on my own and hours of attending play rehearsals and it just took a lot of dedication and discipline, an amount that I forgot that I even had. This role caused me to push myself not only professionally but personally. It brought up a lot of other emotions as I tapped deep into becoming my character. It’s crazy because I seen a lot of her in me. Then if you’ve seen the clips online, you know my character gets married… Well, if you know anything about my life you know I’m NOT married!!! In fact, while I was preparing for the role, I was going through a hell of a lot personally. Which brought a lot of things to the forefront for me…

I can’t say that I’m completely over everything or that I addressed everything that has come up, but it’s been a process!!! I’m just figuring my way through it and I encourage all of you to just try to get through it too. I’m starting to believe that you really have to go through it to see exactly what type of person you are and what areas of your life you need to pay more attention to… But more on this later.

Just wanted to drop a post and tell you all that you aren’t alone in being confused, you’re not alone in working hard and you’re not alone when it comes to trying to conquer fears and get past things…

So here is my little update… I’m working on something big for not only myself but you guys. Something that we can do together… Stay tuned to my IG page because I’m seeking your input…

BUT BEFORE I GO… PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMNT!! Your girl will be moderating an event that is NEEDED in our community! I’m not even going to front, it comes right on time for me… it’s the First Annual Mental Illness Awareness Event. We are all going through things, and in our community, we sometimes tend to HIDE it, but look around. It’s definitely time to start addressing our mental states in all seriousness. So join me tonight at Bar Nine in NYC. More information on my IG page. You’ll not only help yourselves by attending, but others, because proceeds will be donated to V!brant Emotional Help.

Talk to you guys soon



It's Been A Minute...

It's Been A Minute...

Team Tahiry!!

It's been a minute... Over a month!!! I've been really busy with 718 Beauty Bar. IT IS NOT BUSY RUNNING A BUSINESS!!! I'm going to talk more about this later, but when I tell you I've been running... I've been running! I just wanna share with you all what i've been working on if you've missed it...

MY New YouTube Channel

You asked for it, and now it's here!!! I finally officially joined the YouTube world (Again) but this time with my very own CHANNEL!! On my channel I'm going to talk about everything that you all want to know! From fitness to my daily struggles to different challenges to sex and relationships to if my ASS IS REAL! Yes! I GO THERE!!! Check out what I've done so far and don't forget to tune in every week!!! or type in Tahiry Jose in the search bar on YouTube.


My new Podcast on YouTube

Yeah... I've joined the wave! You all have been asking for it tho! A lot of people have heard me on others podcasts and interviews and when this opportunity presented itself I jumped at it! I partnered with my guys Joell Ortiz and Rob Patterson, and of course ThisIs50! It's called 'Him, Him & Her' and on there we talk about current events, pop culture, music, EVERYTHING! We have a few cool special guests and it's something I'm really excited to see grow!

Be sure to tune in every week on or 

718 Beauty Bar

This, this hasn't been easy! But I'm sticking with it ya'll. One day I'm going to talk about all of the woes of being a TRUE entrepreneur and doing everything yourself!! But even though it hasn't been easy, it is my BABY!!! 718 Beauty Bar is everything to me and if you're in the New York/New Jersey area, you have to stop by! We do everything from mani and pedi's to hair to getting your makeup done for a special occasion... You gotta see it!


Yes you read that right. You know my passion is acting and I can't wait to fully immerse myself in it. I'll be starring in an Off Broadway Show called, 'Checklist The Play'. It's coming in October so you're gonna wanna be there. It's going to be amazing!!! Get tickets here


The Beauty of Starting Over

The Beauty of Starting Over

Starting over. Just hearing those two words together can lead one to believe that something dramatic or negatively drastic has happened, and in a lot of cases that's exactly what it means, but it doesn't have to be. In life we have a lot of what I call 'False Starts'. So we start something and then we stop shortly thereafter, never really reaching our goals. But just because it didn't work out, or we fell short, or got lazy and quit, doesn't mean that we can't start over again. 

I've endeavored on a few business partnerships that just didn't work out, a business that didn't turn out exactly the way I thought it should and it seems like every day I start something that I have yet to finish. Am I proud of that? By no means! But what's beautiful is that we can start over at any time. We're more than halfway through the year and there are probably some things you started in January or earlier in the year that you never completed, or maybe they went completely left. But, that doesn't mean that it has to be considered a failure or that you should give up. Like Chance the Rapper says on 'Best Life', "...turned all of my L's into lessons". Let it be a lesson for you, something to move you to move differently or be better. We have so many examples around us of people that started off one way and ended another and I can't help but think they had to start over a few times.

Find the beauty in the struggle, find the beauty in the growth, find the beauty in the falling down and falling short, find the beauty in learning about yourself, find the beauty in starting over. 


Why You Should Wear Confidence Every Day

Why You Should Wear Confidence Every Day

This one right here is for my ladies because as I was scrolling down my timeline the other day, all I could think to myself was, 'I hope these ladies truly have confidence and don't feel compelled to do something crazy everyday'.

Confidence is something that we as women have really struggled with, but I can honestly say, there are a lot of positive images out there that weren't necessarily there as I was growing up. When I was a teen it seemed to be a few standards of beauty, and if you fell out of those categories, you weren't necessarily considered pretty. These days, you can turn on your TV or scroll down your timeline and see a girl that looks like you (size, color, nationality, look) and she is just as fabulous as ever. But at the same time, you can scroll down your timeline and see a girl/woman that doesn't look like you, that looks rather knifed up (tons of plastic surgery... unrealistic), and then you can find yourself self guessing if you should walk around confident or if you should make some changes to yourself. Now, I will be the FIRST to say, if there is something about yourself that you don't like, go ahead and change it. I don't think there is anything wrong with plastic surgery. BUT as a woman that hasn't gone under the knife, I also think it's important to educate yourself and change what you can with hard work and discipline. I could go on and on about this topic, but that's not what this post is about... Maybe I'll talk about it another time... 

But for those ladies struggling with confidence, I'd like to tell you why you should wear confidence every single day...

#1 You're a WOMAN, which makes you a goddess, which makes you super powerful!

Ladies... lets not forget that when God made the first woman, he made her to be a compliment to her husband... She was kinda like a gift to her husband as far as I'm concerned. So you are worthy QUEEN!!! Believe that. Life comes from us! That's enough to believe you are absolutely amazing!

#2 If you don't believe in yourself, or see your beauty, why should anyone else

Having confidence starts with you! It's all about what you think about yourself, what's the narrative you're telling yourself every single day! If you think that you look amazing, trust me, others will fall in line. You may have to fake it a little bit in the beginning, but then, you'll start believing it, and so will everyone else! 

#3 You deserve to feel good about yourself every day

You deserve it! So wear it, and wear it proudly.

#4 No one likes to be around a person that's not confident (unless they're a sick individual... but that's another blog for another day)

Think about it, would you want to go to a party where every one was somber and ragging on themselves and whining like a baby? Or would you want to go to the party that was popping, that everyone was at, that everyone looked fabulous and you could feel amazing energy in the air? Yeah, I think that's a no brainer! If your energy sucks, you in turn suck, and no one wants to be around a sucky person! Just keeping it real with you...

#5 Being confident is attractive

Let me tell you. This is the key right here ladies. CONFIDENCE! Ask any man, they love to be around a confident woman. The woman all made up with the baddest body in the room has NOTHING on the girl with minimal everything that knows she is fabulous. That girl, will be the girl all the real men flock to and the one they view as the sexiest. So I tell you this not to say don't wear makeup and take some pride in yourself... ABSOLUTELY NOT!! (Get your butt to 718 Hoboken to take that confidence to the next level because you will leave looking fly... shameless plug). But I say all of this to say, don't wear the makeup and the fly clothes and go to the gym for somebody else. Go for YOU!!! And if you don't want to do all of that, don't! But walk fearlessly, believing that you are the baddest in the room and the best you can be and you will!



#RealTalkWithTahiry - My BFF Tells Her Husband EVERYTHING... Even About Me

#RealTalkWithTahiry - My BFF Tells Her Husband EVERYTHING... Even About Me


It's Wednesday and I'm back with a #RealTalkWithTahiry. You all send in your questions, I answer them and may post them to get the input of my followers. This week I had a DM from a young lady that read:

Tahiry, my best friend of 23 years has been married for like 2 years and her husband is great. The only thing is, he's very judgy. My best friend and I used to go out, hit the clubs and have a great time all the time. But when she got married all of that stopped for her, but I continued to live my life. I used to tell my best friend everything, but I've kinda stopped because i noticed her husband would know all of my business and judge me for it. Last night, I was over to their house for dinner, and he brings up something that I didn't know he knew anything about. Something that I didn't want him to know anything about and proceeded to make judgy comments about me and how I live my life. I felt that he crossed the line, but because I was in their house I didn't overreact. I just told him I appreciate his concern and changed the subject. I'm kind of pissed with my best friend because we used to do the same exact things and it was always between us... But now that she tells him everything its not just between us. I'm thinking about cutting her off. What do you think Tahiry?
- Annoyed Friend (Names have been changed of course)

I think as we grow up each of us kind of goes through this process... Sometimes our friends move on and don't do the same things that they used to and sometimes they even live vicariously through us. In this instance though, I don't think you should cut your friend off. Instead, I think you should just have a conversation with her and let her know how you felt and that you want the things that you two discuss to be between the both of you and to go no further. Let her know you felt judged and you won't feel comfortable telling her anything else if he knows all of your business. See how she reacts. If you find out later down the line that he STILL knows too much about you, then you may want to sensor what you say to her and just confide in your friends where this isn't an issue.

Have a question and want my input? Leave a comment in my DM's or message me! 

Tune in EVERY Wednesday for #RealTalkWithTahiry on Instagram @TheRealTahiry 

Reasons You Should Visit 718 Beauty Bar

Reasons You Should Visit 718 Beauty Bar


As DJ Khaled's friend on Snapchat would say, business has been 'Booming' at 718 and I am forever grateful to everyone that has believed in me and supported me through my journey of opening my first storefront business. It has by no means been easy, but I'm fortunate to say that I have an amazing team and supporting cast that makes it happen every single day!

Seven One Eight (718) is my baby and I'm just happy to share it with the world! With it being summer time we're out and about more, we are rocking our sandals and picking up everything at the summer bar-b-que's so all eyes are on our nails, which is one of the reasons it's so important for you to keep yourself together.

But why should you visit 718 Beauty Bar if you're in the area? Let me tell you why...



1. It's the ultimate beauty experience.

I personally believe that when you're being pampered you should not only physically feel good, but mentally you should feel amazing as well. The pampering experience doesn't have to be boring and lull with the news on the TV in the back. The news is depressing enough. Instead, I believe you should be listening to your favorite jams, engaging in positive girl talk (if you feel like it) and it should be an experience!

2. We serve wine.

Need I say more?? :-)


3. We provide every single service needed for a night out on the town, or to help you keep your look up for the weeks to come.

We aren't just a nail salon. We are a beauty bar. That means every single thing you would need when it comes to upgrading yourself we have you covered. We offer nail, hair and waxing services. So you need your nails done? We have you covered. Everything from a luxe manicure/pedicure to gel nails. You need your hair done? We offer coloring, extension installations, braiding, blow outs and more! Just ask. Need your makeup done for a special occasion? We offer makeup services and we also provide lessons so that you're always flawless.  Need some hair removal by way of waxing? We do that too... We have everything! Stop in!


Bonus: You never know who you'll see at 718!

Exclusive: Shields vs. Gabriels Live on Showtime

Exclusive: Shields vs. Gabriels Live on Showtime


So I never in a million years thought I would ever be writing about this on my blog but that's why people always say, 'never say never'. In between doing stuff at the shop, hostings, photoshoots and all things Tahiry, I had the opportunity to go inside and behind the scenes of a world that many know about, but few have really taken the time to understand. I feel like if people did take the time to understand, and certain men put aside their chauvinistic ways, they would see how AMAZING and important the world of women's sports truly is. When you think of boxing, the first thing that may come to your mind is Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather... and then when you think of female boxers, probably the only boxer that everyone in the world can just roll off is Laila Ali (and she truly is a great athlete... one of the greats period)... But a young lady that is on the rise to becoming (if not already) the best female boxer of all time is a young lady by the name of Claressa Shields. 


Claressa Shields is a 2 time Olympic gold medalist, which already makes her one of the greats in the boxing world. She now is fighting as a professional fighter with 0 loses. out of her 5 wins, 2 of them have been by knockout. Tomorrow, Saturday, June 22nd at the Masonic Temple, Shields will be facing Hanna Gabriels, a Costa Rican boxer that is not only a professional athlete but a mother, wife and an athlete with several international victories. An on looker with no real knowledge of the world of boxing may think this will be a breeze for Shields, but Gabriels is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Fighting 20 fights, with 18 of them being wins and 11 by knockout, the fight tomorrow is guaranteed to be a must see. 


But Shields vs. Gabriels won't be the only highlight of the night. Much talk is surrounding 7 years undefeated Unified Middleweight World Champion Christina Hammer. Hammer, who makes her USA debut, is scheduled to fight Former WBC Middleweight Champion Tori Nelson tomorrow night as well. 


What I've learned from taking a behind the scenes view of this sport is that these matches are just as, if not more important than any male boxing match! I was so inspired to see women speaking highly of each other, despite previous losses, and working hard to be the best. Tori Nelson took her first loss to Claressa Shields, but she said that she was honored to do so. This really stood out to me because we live in a world where women are constantly trying to one up each other and tear each other down. Instead of taking L's like a real one, most women want to clown the other or tear each other down. But I didn't notice this much during a press conference held surrounding the fight. Instead, Nelson viewed her loss as a lesson by saying, "... in order to find out that you're the best you have to fight the best... she [Clarissa] showed me she was [the best]." 


The press conference also reenforced to me that women are the BEST at just about everything!!! And it's so beautiful to see us do things with positivity. Even though Hanna Gabriels is set to fight Claressa Shields, with hopes of beating her, she spoke nothing but positivity over her life and to her. Respect.

Most importantly, and what I want every little girl and woman to learn and cultivate which was so evident in my girl Claressa Shields is CONFIDENCE!!! This girl is the epitome of confidence! She knows that she is the best and she puts in the hard work to be the best.

Ladies and gents, please do yourself a favor and tune in to Showtime or if you're in Detroit head down to the Masonic Temple for the Salita Promotions "Shields vs Gabriels" professional boxing event Friday, June 22nd. 


Be sure to follow the ladies on social media!

Claressa Shields @ClaressaShields

Hanna Gabriels @hannagabrielsoficial

Christina Hammer @ladyhammer_official

Tori Nelson @torishonuff




Get Ready for Summer with Celebrity Trainer Alicia Bell

Get Ready for Summer with Celebrity Trainer Alicia Bell

Hey guys! 

I'm back and just as I promised with better content than ever! I was able to sit down with Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Figure Champion, Alicia Bell. I know Alicia from being a personal trainer and for training some of your favorite athletes, actors and entertainers. Alicia gave me so much information that I had to interview her and share some of her tips with you!


If you go to or she basically needs no introduction...

Check out my interview with her below,,,

1. Summer is pretty much a month away, and so many of us aren't ready, what are some simply things we can start doing now to look our best and be healthy?

You can easily make changes that will help you see a difference and be and feel more healthy by cleaning up your diet by adding more micronutrients like green vegetables. Also drink more water, it speeds up the metabolism and keeps you from holding water weight. Try getting outside and moving even if its for a 10-15 minute walk it gets blood flowing and revs the metabolism.

2. What are your thoughts on working outdoors in the summer?

Outdoor workouts are great! You get vitamin D which has so many benefits and it can be fun for the whole family. Try a family walk, hike or bike ride.

3. Summer is known for sundresses and cute Fashion Nova fits. What are some things ladies can do to maintain their curves while still slimming down?

I know most women are intimidated by this but lift weights. Don’t just do cardio. Strength training will give you the curves you want. Don't worry it won’t make you bulky.


4. What are your favorite go to summer fruits and foods?

I have so many! Cucumber and lemon in water just to start with. And Kiwi - Did you know it has more vitamin C than an orange?

Also, BBQ anything - BBQ at high heat because it cooks off fats and makes your protein taste delicious.

5. Is It too late to work on our summer bodies?

It’s never too late to get started!



For more tips and to get started on your summer body, you can reach out to Alicia Bell on Alicia offers eating plans, workout plans and online coaching!!!

Follow Alicia Bell



Official Website

Review: Kanye West - Ye

Review: Kanye West - Ye

With all of the controversy surrounding Kanye (and his family i.e. Kim Kardashian), sometimes we forget about the music. Over the years Kanye has given us some solid work. But it did seem like for a brief moment he sent us through a detour of which a lot of his fans just didn't seem to understand. Well, if you're a fan of 'old' Kanye, the Kanye that brought you The College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation, I've got good news for you...

The Review

To me, this album just shows the genius of Kanye West and why we liked him in the first place. Anics aside, this album is a SOLID body of work. The first track grabs your attention and gives a little peek into what some may call, ' his twisted mind'. From there, it's pretty rock solid production and catchy lyrics that fans will be reciting from here out. Somehow, even the features (Jeremiah, Ty Dolla $ign and others) worked out for me. Even with it only being 7 tracks I would say this is a solid body of work. 

Fav Track: "Yikes"

Least Fav Track: "Ghost Town"

For more reviews on the most talked about new releases, continue to check out

June 1st - 6 More Months To Go

June 1st - 6 More Months To Go

Hey Team Tahiry,

So I wanted to check in with you guys and give you updates, share some stuff with you and see what is going on with you guys out there. I'm really trying to curate content that I think will be useful for you guys, but it can be tough. Between still getting the shop where it needs to be, my bookings and still trying to fit in some time for my friends and family it gets tough... But hey! We're all doing the same thing essentially and all trying to make it... But I wanted to check in with you guys to give my tips and advice for getting through the 2nd half of the year...

If things haven't been going exactly how you envisioned for things to be for you starting on January 1st, don't fret. Instead, reevaluate. I want you guys to spend today just thinking about what you set out to do in 2018 that you haven't done yet... It's okay if you haven't. You still have 6 more months, and 6 months is a long time to go. If you've been slacking like crazy then it's really time to buckle down and super go time for you... 

But as far as the blog, what would you all like me to focus on for the rest of 2018? Health & Fitness? Music? Movies? Fashion? Entertainment news? Dating & Relationships? Advice? Recipes?

Drop me a line on IG and let me know! Let's conquer the last 6 months! It's not too late to make 2018 YOUR YEAR!!!