5 Motivational Tips to Ensure Success

5 Motivational Tips to Ensure Success

5 Motivational Tips To Ensure Success

We have already rung in the new year and January is already done, but that does not mean it is too late to accomplish what you want to do within the year. If you follow me on any social media platform you know I’m all about pushing yourself to be the best person you can be. Here are 5 good tips that will help motivate you to achieve your goal.

1. Write it down. Writing down what you want to accomplish is the first step. Placing what you wrote down in site view can be a constant reminder that you have a goal you plan to achieve. Along with writing down your goals, writing down motivational quotes is also a great tactic, take a few quotes that give you the power to take on the world!
2. Speak it into existence. Famous writer JK Rowling once said, “Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have.” It is the power of the tongue that shapes our present and molds our future. Speak into existence your goals and aspirations; firmly believe that they will come true. Affirmation is key!
3. Watch Motivational Videos. Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else, that it is possible to achieve whatever it is you plan to. You can go on youtube and search for motivational speakers, but warning! you will be inspired!!
4. Do what makes you happy. At times we get caught up with what makes others happy, but what have you done for yourself lately?! It’s always best to ensure that you are happy first before dealing with anything or anyone. Happiness is a key component for success. As they say if you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
5. Be your number one fan. We may sometimes forget that our own opinions matters. Take the time to be your own cheerleader, for example, if you went for a run when you know you really didn’t want to then that's an accomplishment. Believing in yourself leads to action; in which, leads to success.

I hope that these 5 tips help motivate you to succeed in whatever it is you aim to accomplish not only for 2018 but in life.


60th Annual Grammy Awards

60th Annual Grammy Awards

So unless you've been living under a rock, you know that February is a power month in entertainment! First comes the Grammys, then comes the Super Bowl then comes NBA All Star Weekend. But today it's all about the Grammy Awards!

CBS presented the 60th Annual Grammy Awards award ceremony and this year was awesome! I absolutely loved all of the diversity that was included in this years event. With all of the craziness going on with race and people NOT being tolerant, it felt so good to see my heritage being represented, appreciated and celebrated at such an amazing, monumental event. In addition, there were so many amazing moments, But first things first, lets start with the BEST fashion! 

Performance Highlights

Kendrick Lamar started the show with a bang providing a powerful performance that featured the group U2. 

Luis fonsi and daddy yankee brought the Latin flavor with their hit “ Despacito” . The Puerto rican Men were joined by some dancers that brought heat to the performance. 

Childish Gambino gave us Prince vibes during his “Terrified” performance.  bringing out a young man that just killed it with the with vocals.

Pink beautifully performed her song “wild hearts can’t be broken”. And received a standing ovation. 

The host of the Grammys James Cordon, along with shaggy and sting tried to perform a special edition of car pool on the subway but were shut down by New Yorkers, as they did not enjoy it. The skit was pretty hilarious. 

One of the most anticipated performances of the night Bruno Mars and Cardi B! The two gave such a 90’s vibe just like the video.

Bruno Mars showcased his 90’s moves during a mid song breakdown. 

DJ Khalid’s “Wild Thoughts” performance gave  us Miami vibes. He was joined by Rihanna, who gave us a sultry performance while wearing a gorgeous gown. Bryson Tiller came out like a smooth criminal captivating hearts. 

Keisha gave such an empowering heartfelt performance. The singer who was presented by Janelle Monae, was joined by Camilla Cabello,  Julia Michaels, Cindy Lauper , and Andra Day as she sung her heart out making sure she was heard and felt. 

Five time Grammy nominee SZA performed latest single “Broken Clocks”.  Joined by a choir that sat behind her dressed in all green. 

Logic also received a standing ovation after his performance with Alesia cara and Khalid for nominated song “1-800-273-8255”. 


For a full recap of nominees and winners visit https://www.grammy.com/grammys/awards

Womanly Tips Wednesdays: Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Womanly Tips Wednesdays: Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Okay ladies, it's about to get real, real... So you know that question you wanna ask because you're kinda unsure for yourself, but you never ask it??? I'm telling you, this year, I'm going in, I'm being my transparent self, and sharing a lot of tips, information and some of my most personal stories with you guys and today, I'm talking UNWANTED HAIR!

You ever wonder if you should go bald down there? Trim the forest? Or let your hair RUN free?? Or should you rock thicker eyebrows, thin them out or rock the caterpillar look? It's natural to have hair growing all over your body, so you have nothing to be ashamed of, and it's up to you how you want to keep it. For some people, it's a matter of FEELING more clean, looking a certain way, or keeping things a certain way to please your significant other. But if you know me, you know I'm going to say DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL RIGHT!

If you’re like me, getting rid of unwanted hair is a must! Though we may tend to remove our hair by using one technique, there are different ways to treat different areas. I've researched and tried a few and here are three different and best ways to get rid of those stubborn hairs.  


Face- Seeing as your face is the first thing that people make contact with getting rid of facial hair is pretty crucial. I actually get kinda annoyed when I go to get an eyebrow wax and the lady says, 'you want me to get your upper lip too?' It make's me kind of self-conscious about it but at the end of the day, one of the best ways to get rid of the unwanted hair is by waxing. But, if you have never tried waxing before you may want to start off by using a small amount to see you may be sensitive to it. If you are sensitive to waxing then you may want to go the threading route. These two methods are best for removing unwanted facial hair in areas such as: eyebrows and upper lip. 


Bikini Area- So lets face it, if you've ever gotten a wax down there, whether you get a bikini wax or a Brazilian, it can be kinda painful (especially your first time). However, the research I've done (research as in personal experience, asking friends and looking up info online) the best way to reduce hair growth down below is by laser hair removal. It's less painful than waxing and we all know how painful waxing that area can be. Laser hair removal is best for coarse hair, and you are less likely to have ingrown hair by going the laser route. 



Legs- The most effective way for hair removal on your legs is actually shaving. Just a friendly fun fact, to get the best results, it’s better to exfoliate prior to shaving.


These are just a few options to achieve the best hair removal results. Be sure to drop me a line if you try any of these tips or if you have any you'd like to share with me! 

Make It Happen Monday: Still Working Out...

Make It Happen Monday: Still Working Out...


It's Monday guys!!!!!

So what does that mean? It means it's time to get to it! Get busy! Make things happen!!! In 2018 we're not playing any games! So, if you've been following me on social media, you know that I've been getting busy in the gym. Working out not only helps me get to that body that I want, but it provides me a place of mental clarity that I can go to... No, I can't say that I love working out, I don't know many people that do, but trust the process. And trust me when I tell you that working out can be the best stress reliever yet! A few years ago, I sustained some injuries in an incident that I don't really care to go into detail about this time, but if you have google, you can quickly figure out which incident I'm referring to. Nevertheless, I've still been able to work with my trainer Gene at Kaeos Fitness and find exercises that I can do that won't aggravate my injuries. As I embark on this blogging journey, I'm going to share some of my workouts with you guys, and exercises that I personally love to help flatten my tummy or keep my butt in tact, so keep checking back frequently. In the meantime, check out my Instagram and Snapchat to see some of the exercises and try them with me... 

Remember this, the journey is not going to be easy, but enjoy the process. You're going to have more days than not that you don't want to go to the gym, but just go anyway. Try to get in the gym first in the morning, make it the first thing that you do. That's what I do personally... It helps you avoid any excuses and it shows YOU and everyone else that YOU are your first priority! But that's all for my rant today... On Make It Happen Monday!!!

What are some of your fav exercises? Follow me on Instagram and share in my comments! 



P.S. Summer is around the corner ladies and gentlemen... Let's get these bodies together!!! 


New Year, New You... For Real This Time

New Year, New You... For Real This Time


Hey Team Tahiry!

It's Friday night, and while most of you are probably getting ready to go out, or planning for the weekend, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. We all have this whole thing where we say, 'New Year, New Me', and I totally get it. I say it! But! Here it is the 19th and have we really done anything different? Or are we still the same lazy, complacent, procrastinating 2017, 2016, 2006, 1999 version of ourselves LOL. No but seriously. I made a dedication and promise to myself that I would really give my all to everything that I do. If you follow me on any form of social media, you will see that I've been working hard. I'm proud of myself too because here it is the 19th and I've actually been keeping to some of the things that I promised myself I would do... I opened up my shop, I've been working out both with my trainer and alone at home and I've been focusing on my business. 

I met up with my team today and I really counted it as a victory because here I am, a few years in the game and I still have a solid team that wants to work and help me continue to build. I have a lot of building to do, but I guess I just wanted to let ALL of my Team Tahiry, supporters, haters and naysayers know that it's never too late to REALLY have a New Year, New You moment, but what's the most important matter of it all is that you have to be FOR REAL, which is why in the title of this blog post i say FOR REAL THIS TIME! You have to be for real this time guys and that means being consistent. If you know me, or have followed my brand, you know that I'm transparent about EVERYTHING. So much so that my team has to tell me to pull back sometimes, or they have to tell me to take that down. I say that to say, I'm going to be real with you guys on here, on my site, I think it's going to be the best way that we all can grow in 2018. So yeah, we're 19 days in, and you probably weren't even thinking about your goals, you were probably thinking about what you were going to wear tonight, or even who you were going to hook up with... But, come back to this post later and really think about what it's going to take for the whole, 'New Year, New You' to really happen in 2018...

Well that's all from me folks, I have to go over some notes from our team meeting today and of course I have 718 Hoboken stuff to work on...

So party it up tonight, but come back to this post guys and really think about it... I want us all to win... Even our haters! If they start winning, maybe they'll stop hating. HAHAHAHA



Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.png

Team Tahiry!!!

We made it to 2018!!! We have a lot to be thankful for in that a lone! Like just about everyone else I love the NEW YEAR! Why? Because it's a time of new beginnings and a great time to hit the reset button. This New Year is even more special than the norm because not only is it January 1st or 1/1 but its also a MONDAY!!! That should be an indication to us all that we have to take advantage of this new beginning that we get! So what if 2017 didn't go EXACTLY how you planned... IT'S OKAY TEAM TAHIRY!!! Because we got a what? A fresh start!!!

Here are my personal times on how to take advantage of your new beginning in January!!!

  • * Get a journal and start writing in it! 

So let's say 2017 didn't go as you planned... WRITE ABOUT IT! Write about the lessons you learned and why it was important to learn them THEN and how they're going to aid you in having an even better year for 2018

  • * Write out your goals in your journal

I know, I know you thought about your goals and you put them in your phone or you threw up a post on Instagram... It's definitely not the same as writing it out. Even scientist say goals and overall anything that you write down and put to paper you stick to, so WRITE OUT your goals.

  • * Forgive yourself

Yep. It's that simple sometimes. Just forgive yourself. Don't take any negativity with you about yourself or various situations into the New Year. Just forgive yourself and move on.

  • * Post on Instagram

I know everyone says that we all overshare, but sometimes posting on Instagram or even just sending out a text to your friends sharing your intentions and goals will help you stick to them as well. There is so much value in accountability. 

  • *Don't try to change too much at once

Last but certainly not least, don't try to make a million changes all at once. We've all done this before and what ends up happening? We become overwhelmed and then we don't stick to ANYTHING. A lot of the times we just give up. But to avoid this from happening, do your best to just start small. Break down your goals to a few practical ways of change. Here's an example, say one of your goals is to lose 20 pounds. Not a good idea. The best thing to tell yourself, TO STICK TO, is I want to start making healthier choices and find a new form of exercise I like. Making that your goal instead of, I'm going to drink 1 gallon of water a day, cut all sugar and workout 6 times a week, is less overwhelming and you're more likely to stick to making healthier choices verses cutting all sugar SUDDENLY and all at once. If you just make healthier choices, so maybe a 100 cal pack of cookies verses a LARGE chocolate chunk cookie from your fav spot in the mall, you'll get more a feeling of accomplishment and will stick to making better choices. Small little changes add up to big results, remember that I told you that!

Well these are my tips for kicking off the New Year. Once again, Happy New Year folks and I hope this year is YOUR year!! 

Water Challenge: Day 1

Water Challenge: Day 1

Okay Ladies and Gents...

It's time to get serious. We're nearing the end of the year and we don't want to just waste this valuable time waiting for the 1st of January to come... So let's kick start our fitness, health and life goals now by flushing out some toxins. Drinking water is more than just being hydrated. It's good skin, it's energy, it's being healthy!

Let's start out today by just promising that we're going to get a liter of water in... Many of our favorite water brands offer 1 liter bottles and 1.5 liter bottles. So let's start with that!

Let me know how you feel after you've consumed your water for the day!


Water Challenge

Water Challenge

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We're nearing the end of the year and what does that mean? New Year, New Me thoughts... But didn't you do that last year? And what ended up happening? Most likely, you started off strong but then ended up almost in the same predicament as the preceding year... And you're not alone, it happens to me. But this time I want to try something new, I want to try getting ready this time, not just starting on January 1st.

One thing thats super important not just for 2018 but for every year is getting our health in order. And one simple thing that we can do to help get our health in order is.... DRINK MORE WATER! Yes, it can be as simple as drinking more water. Your picture perfect clear skin can happen from just drinking more water. The flat stomach you've been wanting can be yours if you just drink more water. That health ailment that you've been struggling with could possibly be better if you drank more water. There are so many health benefits to drinking water and I plan on sharing them with you as I embark on this water challenge...

Let's start off our New Year by being ready and a step AHEAD!!! So starting tomorrow, I'm going to start a water challenge, where I drink more water and I want you guys to try it out too... So make sure you check back here on my blog to see where I'm at on the water challenge and where you should be if you're going to join me. I'm also going to be offering little ways you can get more water in whereto won't feel overwhelmed. I'll also be sharing the benefits of drinking more water as well... So let's get healthy together and get all ready for 2018!!!

See you guys tomorrow! As we officially launch!



It's Been A While --- New Photoshoot

It's Been A While --- New Photoshoot

Hey guys!!

It's been a while, but I'm back! I couldn't just leave my site dormant until 2018... I just wanted to drop a line to you guys and share what I've been having going on. Recently, I've had the opportunities to do some shoots. Here are the pics from one of the shoots, let me know what you guys think!

This shoot was super fun and sexy! Just click on the photos to see them all! 

Women of the Present: Chaka Pilgrim

Women of the Present: Chaka Pilgrim

Behind every great man is an AMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNNG woman, and that continues to be proven true by Chaka Pilgrim.  Chaka Pilgrim, President of Roc Nation Records, is not just an industry executive. She's a successful music industry veteran executive with over 20 years of experience in music, touring, film, management and so much more. She's worked with a lot of your favorite artist like: Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, J. Cole and so many more. If you speak to anyone that has worked with Chaka, they will tell you just how amazing she is. In fact, my manager Lisa was good friends with Chaka, and she always spoke so highly of her... 

Even though I'm not in the music industry, I have a few friends that are, and they will tell you that it's no easy task to truly succeed in the industry, whether you're the talent or behind the scenes. It takes so much hard work and dedication. Many fold, but the few that stay in the trenches and work hard, succeed! Chaka is one of the few.

Multi-Media Personality and Hot 97 radio personality, TT Torrez, put on an amazing event last night of which Chaka Pilgrim was the special guest. TT Torrez's #GoGetHER event was in celebration of Women's History Month where she offered ladies an opportunity to join her for a Q&A with Chaka and the ultimate networking opportunity!  The result of the interview was an amazing interview with great gems dropped... Check out the video below where Chaka and TT Torrez offered so many gems to not just those seeking success in the music industry, but success overall as a woman... Below is the link to the video from the facebook live stream of the event (I couldn't attach it to the post... sorry guys but just click the link), I also listed 10 of my favorite gems from the interview...


Top 10 Gems from Chaka Pilgrim's Interview

  • Help others, you never know the overall outcome.
  • Be a good person, you never know who is watching.
  • Everything you do well is for you. So don't always look for gratification or accolades, you're building your skill set.
  • The best way to figure it out (what it is you want to do) is to do it.
  • Live what you say.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • Be known as reliable.
  • Educate yourself.
  • If you mess up, fix it, pick it up, comeback.
  • Don't take the easy way out, learn to do things yourself. 

Sending a SPECIAL salute and thanks to TT Torrez for encouraging women and providing opportunities for other women to expand and reach their dreams!!